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I Want the Search to End

I love to flirt, and I love to be admired, but at the end of the day, I want someone I can trust to hold me and make me feel safe.

If my soul mate is out there, I want to find him now. I'm tired of searching. Every time I try and end up being wrong, a piece of my heart is torn. It can be stitched up with all the other grievances, but it's never the same.

So far every man I've fallen in love with has betrayed me somehow. The first one dropped things when I ended up moving (although I suppose that's to be expected).  My next boyfriend was obsessed to the point where it was unhealthy. The boyfriend after that only wanted sex and dropped me like a rock when I refused to just give in. The next boyfriend was sweet, but I honestly wasn't attracted to him. And my most recent love is already taken.

With all this pain from the search, I have to it all worth it?
Brleha Brleha 18-21, F 8 Responses Sep 2, 2007

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Well I am looking for a great gal. For real love. over 18 lives in North America. Kind, caring. open minded would be a plus.
Any good gals who want to talk I am here. : )

i am working on a meditation that for 5-10 minutes every day i envision my soulmate, what he feels like, looks like, i take myself thru a day with him cuddling on the couch , making dinner, butterflys when i see him, i get very detailed and really feel the feelings so i can vibrate them outward ...i focus on sending these visualizations out into the universe thru my third eye and letting him know thru my energy that im ready for him. im 35 and have been thru so many failed relationships its exhausting. i know i need to focus more on me than on finding someone to make me whole, we all have what we need inside us, we need to get comfortable with just that and not need a man to fill a void, he will be here when we love ourselves enough to do our own self healing and be ready to love them bc we love ourselves enough to not settle for less than what we deserve!i wish you luck on your soulmates arrival

Very good answer.!yourbeautifullife11

I don't know if its worth it or not, but I hope to God that it is.

Yes!!!!! It is worth it. I keep thinking it is, so, I want others to believe it also. We will someday be where and with whom we were ment to be with. Our soulmate. Hang in there and keep smiling and shining.

Love your positive viewpoint. I am still looking for a great gal to love and be loved by. Long story. I was married a few years back.
After going to a job training session that lasted 3 months. I came home to Her openly cheating. So I knew that was the end of our marriage at that moment. I moved on. Now I am on a search not just for any gal. but the gal I cannot live without and she the same for me ;). I just want real love this time. No pretenders.

Keep seaching ,never give up hope....there is someone out there for you, please read my poem "soul searching" ...your not alone in this Quest : )

THank you...I'll take that to heart.

It is worth it...<br />
<br />
although I must be honest with you-I've long since given up on the idea of 'happily ever after'. <br />
<br />
Bottom line...we all settle.<br />
<br />
For your sake-please don't settle...keep holding out for the other piece of your soul.