I Wonder If Anyone Is Up For the Challenge?


I enjoy the company of my friends and the random people I meet but I really want to discover the one person that connects with me on a different level. It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection just one that is a mutual understanding of me/each other as an individual. A person that I can converse with endlessly about the most random and stimulating topics for hours and not get bored but be interested for the whole conversation, someone who will be there for me no matter what happens, a person who cares for them as much as I care for them. That seems to be my predicament…I tend to care too much about people and most of the time I  don’t get the same caring back, which can be pretty depressing. It seems to me that a lot of people are caught up in trivial gossip and situations which I am not one for…I like to keep my life drama free as much as possible. I always find myself trying to get my friends to stop fighting amongst each other….blah! I want to find someone that is like me and just wants to have fun and leave all the insignificant bullshit behind them. Is there anyone that feels the same…I hope so. It would be so nice to be able to have someone that you can turn to and just look at them and they know exactly what you are feeling…you don’t have to say a word, they embrace you without conviction…ah the feeling of someone who undeniably cares about you. I think that is one of the greatest feelings in the world. So my exploration is on to find that one individual that will make my heart whole…I wonder if  anyone is up for the challenge?

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It's true that it's really hard to find people who fully reciprocate your affection, especially with trying to find friends who genuinely care. Hope you find/found what you are/were looking for.

I can imagine a lot of guys up for the challenge? But still such hard work finding and then keeping that person close to your heart. Given, nothing as gratifying as that "special someone" sharing that "special" person's life, but for that you need to give yourself some time. Don't go out and try and find him, as he is also trying to find you. Let life happen, don't let it pass you by though, but be patient and let it happen.

Really lovely words

I really like the idea of leaving the isignificant bullshit behind. I also don't understand or appreciate it when my friends spend energy on trying to get each other down. Hating is too strong of a word I think. But I have two female friends that I both adore, but they just can't stand each other. It's so stupid if you ask me.<br />
I like your idea of how a soulmate doesn't have to be a lover. I'm straight, but I've found a male soulmate who's probably my best friend. I think I can share as much with him as I'm ever gonna share with anybody. Good post :) I'm up for your challenge by the way, even though we may never meet in person.

i love that I can see millions of stories so similar to this and I agree with you. But I think the problem starts with the fact that people are not often not invested in learning how to care for a person and not applying it to the whole gender. We have to try to love each other as individuals and not think of it on a "all women" are this or "all men" are that. But I love the fact that it sums up my feelings and several of my experiences. It was well said.

I feel for you and yes I know someone who is like that. .. pleasant, accommodating and obliging a soul mate (whom I have made love to) and yes we are SO well connected, mind, body and spirit. but not the one right for me ... lol ah well the irony truth ..hurts.. but then again he is always there for me and I can count on him. I wish you well and find your true soul mate out there.<br />
<br />
ps you can mail me if you need someone to talk to, I like to share.

Thanks ladies...

well.. i would be up for the challange but thinking of countless rejections kind of makes me not want to do it. <br />
but i completly feel what you're saying.. thank you for actually putting it into words

Diddo! Great post! I can totally relate!