I Found My Soulmate!

I was searching for a 'soulmate', and when i finally met her the experience was extremely powerful. 

I turned to some of the publications available on the internet (e-books, cd's). They were really helpful; so much inspiring material, great exercises - generally lots of good stuff that really got me in the groove to meet someone special ( i would say that the best was thesoulmateguide (.com), and findyoursoulmate (.com) was pretty good too). then, a few days before i met my soulmate, a voice inside kept saying..you are about to meet someone special - i didnt really pay attention to it but it was undeniably there - and a few days later, in a meetup.com group discussion on life values - i met my soulmate! 

To this day it just blows me away that this voice 'knew' what was about to happen. And when did it come to me? when i was on a wave of gratitude for everything that there was in my life - good or bad- demonstarting how gratitude really is the most powerful positive feeling. 

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6 Responses Aug 4, 2009

This is such an inspiring story to me.

Awwwwsum!! Anyone for me now?

This was soo good to read. I am married have been for 8 years now, well the marriage started falling apart but this man has done so much for me and my children leaving was just not in the equation. I (through a mutual friend) ended up talking to this guy who "just fit" he was my other half and here I am with my husband who I feel obligated to be with and my one true soulmate right in front of me just out of my reach. Glad you found yours man, hang on to that, it sure doesn't come along twice in a lifetime.

Wow...That is really cool!! Thanks for the links to the internet on the subject. I met someone too and as my name suggests, it's "freakin me out", seriously, I have known this person a long time as friends in recovery, and we came together recently at an AA meeting. I can't stop thinking about her. I pray to God for this blessing he has provided for me, and wonder if she is the one. The cool thing is, we are taking things at a pace, that resembles dating of previous generations. in other words, really truly building a solid bond of trust, intamacy, friendship, sharing our vulnerabilities, connecting emotionally, with out the sex. My past experiences were almost all drunk sex, I believe that this will be much better, as we both really want to know each other before we make that commitment. I call her my present from God, and have enjoyed carefully opening thewrapping to experience what is inside.

The worst part is finding your soulmate but knowing you can never truly be together. It's bittersweet. Touch is essential to some. I am one.

I'm one of those :/...

yeah. funny how that happens right?<br />
when you meet her its like you knew her all your life.<br />
you know what she thinks, her moods, and its as if the two of you are the same in a way.