I know he's out there... thinking what I think, wanting what I want, needing me as I need him. Just to lay next to him, quietly with my head on his chest, softly tracing him with my fingertips. Knowing that the pounding heart that I am listening to is beating in sync with mine. Two of us together as one... Smelling his scent and mine, mixed together as I look up into his eyes and gently place my lips to his...

I wanna sit on rocking chairs on an old wooden front porch, listening to the crickets and counting stars as we celebrate our lives together, as one.

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5 Responses Oct 1, 2007

Beautiful, such a romantic you are. The man that is going to win your heart over, is going to get a jewel of note. Good luck.

Issat a Dox joke????? LoL

that's some sad doxology.


indeed,it would be utter bliss to find ones soulmate...,ever wonder if u had the right one and u ****** it up?that thru your stupid(reffering to myself in this statement)actions u killed off the best thing u would ever encounter in your life,that u did and realize it to late and have to live with it for the rest of your life knowing u cant replace that person...just a thought to dwell on