... I Just Don't Think I Have One

I used to believe in soulmates.
But I believed that people had more than one person they needed to feel complete.
I don't know if I even believe any of it anymore.
My best friend tells me I am too picky, because all I want is an intelligent guy, with a decent job, who can put up with me, and my family. Apparently, I am very difficult to put up with, and my family... oh geez, they are worse.
Part of my still hopes that there is someone out there who can put up with me and my inane bullshit, but I don't have high hopes that there is.
I've been in love, I've been engaged (too many times). Nothing works out, because no one can put up with me, and if they can, they aren't strong enough to hold me when I run, which I always do.

I want it though. I want to believe that there is someone out there who is my match, my complement. I want to remember what it is like to love someone, and how it feels to be loved.
I wish I didn't, though.
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Why is it that only women post these things? I get that we want to be happy but isn't there at least one guy who wants the same thing we do?

many men aren't secure enough to admit it

ithinkmany never find them as they are not looking the right places<br />
it will just happen and you never know when or who<br />
<br />
when i first became friends with mine i just knew him as a male for along time later i found out the truth that he was both sexs yet no sex and a doctor had made the choice at birth for her to be a him<br />
<br />
within monht of learning the truth he became as she when with me and starting summer school 1961 became a girl full time till her death in 1967<br />
we were married at age 13<br />
<br />
we worked full time went to school full time and lived as adult with her mother inall that time we never had a fight with each other or our mother<br />
we did have fights with bullies and we alwasy won<br />
<br />
are trained said he was teaching me he was reawaking her<br />
<br />
and she ws bad *** for being so small

Sure you have aSoul Mate. There actually 12 to every person. You have one or two in every sign, okay. love soup.2. I love deep soaks in the tub, dailey. 3. I think you should greet every creature, plant, situation and Day with a smile every time it is at all possible. 4. You should be true to the Creator - not Society/or the public. 5. I believe you should keep the Breath of Life & Love sacred and safe inside the temple of your body. 6. Change is a very good thing for us all, And do not give your whole being over to anyone except the Creator, he is your only true protector** 7. Do not kill any living thing with the life blood flowing thru its viens. 8. Please learn to Love yourself from the inside out not the outside in!!***And make sure we protect the Earth in every way*** YAAY!!! Blessings, livingwell