I May Be Different, But I Still Have A Heart

I love playing games, reading books, spending time with friends with family more than friends.
I like daydreaming in class and believing that there is a world that is waiting for me.
I follow my parents and friends with love and am willing to give my life for anyone.
I talk fast and my reactions are shown.
I love joining sports and reading than playing with my friends.
I like to write my books and talk with people who people call different.
I have no hate in my body and couldn't care less what people say about me.
I don't like to date and like to be friends instead.
I am clueless and have a hard time at getting jokes.
My name is carlo ocaya and i may be different, but i have a heart
Elementalangel Elementalangel
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012