If This Applies To You , You Are My True Love !

You were born a male .
You are over the age of 40 but not close to death .
You can read and write english .
You are currently not married dating separated or have a pen pal
you are really fond of ! You must be free !
Please no felonies or stuff that wasn't your fault , you just happened to be
in the bank holding a gun while it was being robbed !
Don't live with your parents unless your house burnt down or your mom has a wonky hip that's been playing up .
If you have kids , please be taking care of them and active in their lives, and can you not have
more then the Duggars !
You must be kind and honest sweet and sincere funny and attractive ( that's to other people not just your granny) .
Please have a job , any job !
Ok ok

Just playin ( sort of ) lol

A decent loyal honest sweet committed man !
Come home I'm waiting on you!!!
LillyLady LillyLady
46-50, F
Jan 7, 2013