I Have Found Him!

I Had never even heard of twin flames until he came into my life.. The connection between us is SOO intense that I had to search around to see if anyone else had ever had this type of experience. That's when i came across the existence of twin flames, not only have we been together and parted on a celestial level but also here on earth..we dated, very briefly, long ago and only enough to learn how the other "felt", so that when we were brought back together 23 years later we knew..almost instantaneously, so intensely that with in 3 weeks he was on a plane and with me for a week ( we live 1200 miles apart - but only for a short while) our times apart from one another since have been painful almost to a physical level, for both of us, i would say I was a crack pot that was over infatuated, but he feels it too, its just the way it is, who we are suppose to be, just us as a one...We are so fortunate
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Congratulations! I am very happy for you too! I hope I will feel this way too, someday!