Waiting To Reunite With My Twin Flame

Almost 10 years ago I met my twin flame. At that time I had never even heard of the words twin flame or knew such a thing existed.
 I met her at a place that I worked at, she was a new worker there. There was no instant recognition of who she was but as we got to know each other we were slowly getting attracted to each other. As I got to know her I notice something about her eyes, sometimes they turned a darker colour and got kind of shiny looking, I knew this was something only I could see. I knew that there was some kind of a spiritual connection between us.
 A lot of strange things started happening when we were together at work. Most of what happened is too hard to explain. One of the things which I'll try to explain is that I seemed to be surrounded by a field of no time. This is where all the machines around me seemed to be running at a slower speed then they should be. This allowed me to work at a comfortable pace and keep up with the machinery.
 We were only together for about 3 weeks and as what often happens between twin flames we were separated. The separation was not easy for me and it took me quite a while to get over it.
 I've waited many years to see if we would reunite. I have the advantage of knowing what my twin flame looks like her name and age. I've left it to fate to see if we would reunite. The thing is I'm now 49 years old and it's been almost a decade since I've last seen her. If things keep going the way they are middle age is going to turn to old age for me and I'll have wasted my life waiting for her. At this point I'm about ready to give up, I would gladly settle for some one else in my life and forget about this twin flame thing but nothing seems to be happening.
 Anyways that's my story and good luck to every one who's searching for there twin flame. I hope you all find what your after.
 Brian C
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1 Response Aug 23, 2011

You shouldn't wait. You are missing out on important lessons that you could have had with other relationships. I met my twin flame about 5 years ago and we had a dysfunctional hell based relationship. I thought to myself I will wait for him to get it together, but after awhile I realized I am sacrificing my own happiness for a only a possibility. So I accepted it, and moved on and found a soul mate instead! Couldn't be happier!