I'm On My Way To Something.....but I Need Some Help

Alright so a week or two ago one of my friends that i roleplay with told me about twin flames and how she had figured out who hers was. Upon inquiring more to her about the subject i wanted to know more so i sat down and examined all that i seemed drawn to. The only thing i seem to have is that i'm strongly attatched to the victorian era and also strongly attracted to brittan.

I'm not sure if this is just personal taste or if it might have something to do with being with my twin flame in a past life and i could really use some help figuring things out, i once had a dream of a man but he was completely shrouded in darkness and i couldn't see his face, i do remember that, like me, he was extremly gentle and loving, but i had that dream three years ago and haven't had another since so it might have been coincidence.

Could anyone perhaps help me to understand all of this a little better maybe? I would really appreciate it for i think i'm on the verge of something that could very well change my life...
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My friend actually found out by complete accident, she's a living historian and she went to do, i suppose it was, an on the scene re enactment of something she never told me quite what. Well anyways she happened by mere chance to stand in the spot her twin flame was mortally wounded at and she described being overcome with a feeling that both frightened and amazed her all at once.<br />
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Thank you very much, i won't waste much time describing my intelligence but i am ahead of most of my peers (perhaps due to having a perfectionist mom who expects straight a's thus making me study very hard XD). <br />
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As for my memories i don't have anything aside from that dream which could have been a memory buried in my subconcious but then again...i think that was my twin flame trying to contact me because he was wearing a dog suit (i think...) which i figure indicates a sense of humor XD

I think you are much younger than I was when I found out about twin flames, and you also seem very intelligent and articulate!! I think you are definitely on the verge of something that could change your life. There is so much that goes along with the idea of twin flames. The whole of spirituality and the collective consciousness. How did your friend find out about twin flames? <br />
Also, out of curiosity, do you have any memories of your past life?