A Call To You



I awakedreamt we were in a small, dimly-lit cafe.

He was sad and so was I.

I gently asked, "Do you write poetry?"

He repeated the word. "Poetry."

(wordlessness rather than silence);

He looked to a far-away place I couldn't look to,

so I looked at the shape of his gaze instead.

It was shaped like a gaze.

I said, "You have seeds in your mouth,"

and drew a spiral on his palm with my fingertip.

And then we spoke of many things.




i have kissed his thoughts

and heard his unvoice calling to me;

i have sent him lovelight

(& i know he knows of so)

i pray for him in the Spirit's tongues

and i do not mind that he is sad.

"Scream, I will you- scream!"




I napdreamt we sat across from each other on a bus.

There was something so strange about him, and it thrilled me.

We eyespoke of many things, and we wordspoke of little.

He embraced me before we got off at the end.

Our cheeks puzzlepieced together.

I opened my eyes and felt his hands in mine,

and would not look to not see them.




Floating and not swaying

in the little ripples of uncolored water,

the limp body you left...& I gently

wrap you in me to pull you to dry.

You are not so heavy as the everywhere blue.

I breathe to you. Our lips touch.

Stop drowning - please,- I love you.




I sleepdreamt of a cozy bookstore on a hippie street.

Two guys worked there. I chitterchatted with one as I browsed.

Eventually I approached the desk.

The one I had not spoken to was doing paperwork.

He looked up and his eyes bullseyed mine.

(a rush:shock, headfirstforward through him-)

I bodywoke and my heart was racingracing so.
softandonly softandonly
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010