Something For My Wife's Birthday!

I found this pic on another EP member's site today and immediately sext'd it to my wife asking her if this was something she would like for her birthday. She immediately agreed, but asked how I would wrap it ;). Later she told me she got very horney at work and wanted to ********** right there. Can't wait until she gets home!
Zig13 Zig13
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8 Responses Jan 4, 2012

I can only imagine how well it went once she got home. You reaped the benefit of the tease there.

Gave my wife a similar real thing but in an older package. He was really hung though and she loved it.

Yeah, I'm thinking that is on nearly 99% of all womens B'day wish lists!

give her a black one

wow, I wonder what my wife would do with that? She might have to work up to it!

who wouldn't want that???? Nice!!!!!

My wife's birthday is a few days away - I think I will offer up this photo to her too.

Try and give her the real thing! It's sure to put a smile on her face ;o

Of course, if you can't get exactly that, let's hope that she keeps in mind that it is the thought that counts! ^^*