my wife's first time with another man

My wife and I had discussed her sleeping with another male, more from my point of view than hers. I think this all stemmed from her going topless on holiday and for reasons I can’t explain I got excited by other men staring at her, well she was a big girl (38EE) and it wasn’t as if guys didn’t notice, plus she had a nipple piercing and that was topic for conversation with other guys.
Anyway to continue her first night with another male, she was going out with some friends to something that was being recorded for a television programme, and to my delight she got dressed quite sexily and with stockings and suspenders, high heels and a wrap over skirt on top. I was dropping her off at a bus stop to meet her friends and picking her up later, so she asked me ‘’what are you doing while I’m out?’’. . . ‘’ I’m going to meet Robert n have a drink’’ I replied; now she knew I wanted her to sleep with Robert so I was very surprised when all I got was a cheeky grin in response. To cut a long story short when I went to pick her up, Robert was with me but she was going back to one of her friend’s house and asked us if we wanted to come along, when we all got to her friends house she got out of the car but as it was quite windy her skirt blew open revealing her stockings and suspenders, she didn’t immediately try to cover herself up and asked Robert ‘’did you get a nice view?’’. That set the tone for the evening and Robert and her flirted all night from then. Soon it was time to go home and she said to Robert ‘’ you can come to ours but nothing’s going to happen’’ he said that was ok by him but if he could see her in her stockings and suspenders then he would be happy, not only did he see her in her stockings and suspenders but when she was heading to bed she came and gave me a night night peck on the lips then proceeded to indulge in a full blown snog with Robert, whose hands were roaming all over her body, when I looked her breasts were out and Robert was kneading them thoroughly in his hands, her nipples were the largest and sticking out more than I can ever remember and she was letting out little moans every now and again
Next she pulled Robert to his feet and while his hands gripped her bottom she said to him ‘’Robert please take me to bed and **** me hard’’, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears, here was my wife who had repeatedly said she would never go to bed with anyone let alone me witness it, asking another man to **** her hard
They disappeared into the room and very soon I could hear the sound of their *******, she was making all sorts of noises and when I entered the bedroom there she was kneeling on the bed with Roberts **** right down her throat, her huge breasts were hanging down and every thrust that Robert made with his **** resulted in her very erect nipples brushing against the bed as her **** swung to and fro, this was making her gasp and moan, whether it was the friction of her nipples against the bed or because she had his **** down her throat I do not know, but gawd was it erotic and had me rock hard
I witnessed her that evening with another nale ******* her hard and making her come numerous times, this was not the last time Robert ****** my wife, but as it was the first it was a mind blowing and unforgettable experience for me
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hot story, I would love to meet up with your ex

Perfect visual! My **** is standing at attention and I haven't seen what she looks like!

thank you, glad you enjoyed, sadly she is now my ex wife but i am sure i have some pics of her somewhere, when i find them i will post them here

if you wish i can also relate a night that Robert persuaded my wife to go to a fetish club night with him, i was there too but was rather drunk by the time the evening finished, but it did end up with my wife on all fours being spanked with a paddle before Robert took her bottom

Absolutely! Please share!

ok i'll get on to it right away


As you now know Robert was the first ever male to **** my now ex wife,Wendy
He became a good friend to us both and as he only stayed about 2 miles away he thought nothing of popping up now and again just for a social visit etc, this obviously put Wendy more at ease with him and at times he would mention a fetish club that he would like us both to go too, Wendy ,as normal blew the idea out of the water but I could see that through time Robert was having some effect and her protests became less each time he mentioned it. Anyway she finally agreed to pay it a visit, but stressed vehemently ‘’ nothing will happen so don’t any of the 2 of you get any ideas’’. If I remember correctly it wasn’t long after her 40th birthday that the date was set for our visit to the club. And lo and behold for her v40th birthday Wendy decided to have a couple of tattoos and a **** piercing, she got 2 tattoos on her butt cheeks, an angel on one cheek and a little devil on the other, ‘’just my nature’’ she said. Anyway to the day/night of thw club visit and I had been on at her to wear a nice lace,see through skirt, this was met with ‘not a chance, I’m not letting everyone see me in stockings and suspenders, but when Robert came up to collect us , she was only too happy to wear it when he suggested it, my **** was twitching watching Robert grope her bum through the skirt, that and seeing her in her stockings and suspenders and heels
So we get to the club , the club had various rooms in it but when we walked into the main room ,in the corner was like a large area with a padded bench, over which was a female, tied down ,legs spread open, with her skirt pulled up displaying her bottom and she was being spanked by a few members, I heard Robert say to Wendy ‘’you’d look great like that’’ she just brushed the comment off and shook her head. As the night progressed, I ventured to other rooms and on my return from a venture I came in behind Robert and Wendy, her skirt was fully up at the back showing off her bottom, which was clad only in a thong, Robert was feeling her up from behind and there was loads of people just staring at them, before long another male came over, I found out later Robert knew him and had told him to come over. Now open sexual play is frowned upon at these clubs/evenings, so discreetly Robert and Dave manipulated Wendy into a quiet’ish corner. I stood and watched amazed as Robert kept groping my wife’s bottom and Dave was full on snogging her, little gasps and moans were escaping from Wendy but by the way she was pushing her crotch into Dave, she was totally turned on and forgetting where she was, or that I was watching. Pretty soon I could see Robert’s hands moving round to my wife’s *****, she was wiggling and rotating her hips as he played with her new **** ring( he advised me this later) Dave in the meantime had got her big **** out and was stretching her nipples while trying to shield her from view incase anyone took offence to what was happening. I could see Dave dipping his head to my wife’s big heavy ****, she threw her head back, her mouth agape and it soon became obvious she was in heaven, what with her moans and the fact she was holding her own **** up to Dave’s mouth while humping at Robert’s fingers. I was close enough to hear her moaning and telling Robert ‘’ stop or I am going to ***’’, Robert stopped what he was doing and motioned to Dave, who quickly stopped sucking on her by now huge erect nipples, probably the biggest or hardest that I’ve ever seen them, and soon my wife was getting herself all respectable again.I don’t know how many people witnessed it but I definitely saw a few males openly rubbing their ***** through their trousers, me included, I had to stop or I would have came there and then I was that excited
It was obvious on the way home that Wendy was still feeling horny because the conversation in the car revolved around what Robert was going to do to her when he got her home, and he kept telling her how naughty she had been and should get a token punishment for being a ‘bad girl’
When we eventually got home Wendy disappeared into the bedroom leaving Robert and I to chat, this is where I learned he had already talked to Dave and given him the ok to come over when he seen Robert had his hands all over Wendy with her skirt up
Our chat was cut short by Wendy’s voice from the bedroom announcing ‘’Robert this naughty girl is ready to be punished’’, we quickly abandoned our chat,went to the bedroom and what a sight greeted us both, there was Wendy kneeling on the bed with her bottom pushed high into the air, wearing only her stockings , suspenders, and heels. Robert quickly found a velvet paddle in the drawer and proceeded to tell Wendy she was getting 12 and she would count each stroke aloud. He didn’t hurt her with any of them, it was more a teasing/playful prelude to their ******* but give Wendy her due she totally submitted to the paddle and Robert and counted each stroke out loud, adding her own little remarks like ‘ohhhh please I have been such a naughty girl, I think Robert gave up at about 10 and immediately positioned himself behind Wendy and with no further ado sunk his **** right into her. Her pwent up sexual energy came out in one long moan/growl as she rocked herself back and forth on the **** now firmly embedded in her *****, I took this chance and got my **** in her mouth to experience one of the best ******** I had had from her in my life, whether it was the force of Robert’s **** relentlessly pounding her or just how horny she was feeling I don’t know but she was deepthroating me like her life depended on it. I was trying to control myself and not come too soon
I watched her face in all it’s glory as her eyes burned with lust and then I watched as |Robert inderted a finger into her bottom, she tensed for a few seconds but gradually started to moan and buck even harder as Robert’s finger eased in and out of her ***. Then he said ‘’I’m having that *** tonight you naughty girl, this will be your punishment. Her eyes shot open and she started to try and shake her head and I’m sure I could hear a mumbled ‘’nooooooooo’’ but by this time Robert’s **** was positioned at her bottom and he had wrapped his hand in her hair and was gently but forcibly pulling her back onto his ****. I took my **** from her mouth and got some lub,threw it to Robert and stuffed my **** back down her throat. I watched as Robert dropped some lub down onto her spread ***, greased his **** up a few times and then I seen her head being pulled backwards as Robert eased his **** inch by inch up her ***. Wendy would never even let me finger her *** and here she was with Robert taking her anal virginity. I’m not going to say she loved every second of it because she was gripping my thighs and I’m sure there were some muffled cries or screams, probably muffled because she had my **** so far down her throatbut give her her due she submitted to Robert’s **** in her *** and soon he was ******* her *** like he had her ***** earlier. He did have his hand round the front playing with her **** and she maintains this is what made her come violently, nothing to do with the **** ploughing her *** but I can assure you towards the end she looked like she was loving it, the way she ****** back on Robert’s ****. I can’t deny that I came very soon when I seen her *** being ****** and by the way she was sucking me. Robert stayed over that night and left the next morning, but not before he took her *** again, and this time she came with purely the ******* of her ***

**** n a! that was hot as hell! i almost came myself! excellent portrayal!


just posted the story about ''wendy's night at the fetish club''

send me this story in detail and then we will chat

that was it ib detail

in detail

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