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Ok so to start this off let me be honest.  I (husband) am not always able to get hard.  I am not sure why and dont really care.  It is what it is... all I care about is being able to pleasure my wife.  My wife and I have discussed her having sex with men outside of our marriage.  My wife is still has some concerns about it.  But I think if the guy was hot enough and she saw that I gave my blessing she would at least try it.  My wife is a red head that is always horny (it seems).  About seven months ago she gave birth to our second child.  She isn't feeling all that sexy as she is still breast feeding.  And hasn't been able to loose the baby weight easily.  Both of us are a bit sexually frustrated.  We have thought about the swinging lifestyle.  But I have no desire to have sex with other women.  And... don't think I physically could any how...lol.  I am very secure in my relationship and sexuality.  My wife is secure in her sexuality and bisexually curious.  But I think she is afriad that if she has sex with another guy.  It will be my ticket to have sex with other women.  As I said... I could careless. 

  So if you are a guy (married or single) that is interested in having a no strings attached sexual affair with a woman.  Here is your chance.  Message us and let's see what happens.  We live in southeastern Michigan.  So you would need to be close.  Thanks for reading.


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we live in northern wi. come up here and we will deal with this. Sue and I are partners for life. we also need some excitement in our lives.

ok i am ready to **** your wife. call me-9999119264 delhi.25 years boy.

I will if you would like, sounds fun!

I would love to. Always thought about it too

Nope I never have... thanks for the tip. My wife loves your boobs (by the way :-)

Just curious, have you tried Cialis? My husband has high blood pressure and his meds can cause ED problems. But Cialis works wonders!!! And you can order it online w/o a script.