My Past Lives?

i would really like to find out who I am. Everytime I try anything to figure out my past lives I feel this big block and everything starts hurting. I feel that is very improtant to find out who I am. I dont have any money to go to pay anyone... I just feel very lost and would like to find answers. If any one knows any powerful spells or something of the sort please do tell.
Irie1Love Irie1Love
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

You don't need to pay anyone five cents, or have any spells cast: there are past life readers out there somewhere in every neighborhood. How to put you on to one i don't know.

I Was In The Roman Army In A Past Life

A Male Army Scribe To The Big Roman General In Roman Britain.

My minister of spiritualist religion--they all do past life readings, and you don't have to pay your minister to talk with them--says that i was in one incarnation a secretary, a male army scribe, to the big Roman General in Roman Britain.

I don't much want to be re-incarnated but apparently my next life will be as a grade
school teacher.

I found out about my future life through a friend who is psychic, and was kind enough to give me a reading! She talked with a spirit in heaven, my past life mother Jehri, who was my friend in this life in 1976, and my mom in Oregon in the 1840's, and who will be the first to greet me when i go back to heaven umpteen years from now!

you're a woman who was on the way to deliver something and look important, I saw you fallen on the ground, with a face that fear. looks like you're in danger. all stopped up there. the possibility of the soul you keep trying to complete the mission to deliver the goods to the destination. Maybe you should pray for the peace of your soul, and say that you have completed the mission. I hope you can continue your life with peace