A Mystery

I remember things, like when my mother had me in her womb, I was moving within her and sometimes kicking or placing my hands against her womb. When she finally gave birth to me, she had me on April 17, I do not recall the year at all... she never named me to my knowledge at all... and she never took me home with her either. I didn't know what she looked like, I didn't have my eyes open yet, just that I knew I wore a small purple pendant around my neck. I was sent to an orphange at the age of one year old, I had short orangish blonde hair, blue eyes (sometimes green). I was wearing a black tank top with flames on the tank top, blue shorts, and I was barefooted. I got to sleep in a room with another kid within this place, the other kid always kept saying how he wanted a family to adopt him and take him home with them. I stared out the window (which had black steel bars on it) and prayed that I too, will get a family that will love me and name me. I hated to be called the kid with no name, all the other kids usually laughed at me for this, but they didn't even question why I wore that purple pendant, or where I got it from.

Finally a guy came into the orphange and asked to look at all of the kids, I was happy. The guy seemed rather odd, but he didn't know I existed, I even tugged on his pants leg to try to get his attention, but only a smile came from the man and nothing more. The guy did adopt the one that slept with me, I was upset and went to lay on the bed. When the person in charge of the orhanage came and said it was lunch time, I just shook my head and layed back onto the bed. But they finally did leave me, and let me have no food that day. The next day was oddier, we were all outside this morning. I was just by the front gates, looking outside. I hardly ever even played with the other kids or spoke it seemed.

I did get worried that no one would adopt me, because I had no name, I slowly glanced around and seen the other kids playing. I poked the pendant around my neck, the first time I ever noticed I had this. I gazed down at it, before sitting onto the ground, when all of a sudden small white stuff started to fall from the sky. I had no clue what it was, but I heard of the other kids say it was "snow". They told us to go back inside, but I just sat there, like if the pendant was more imporant at the moment.

I finally stood up, but noticed that the doors were locked to the orphanage once I reached them. I sighed and just sat down on the snow, I even got to see this odd guy pull up in a truck. He came over to the gates, and he actually looked toward me, I had no clue who he was. But he did somehow get the gates opened and came running over to me. I blinked to him, poking the snow some, as I coughed slightly. I thought this was nothing, or no big deal, but the man seemed to pick me up. He then took me home with him... was he allowed to? I wondered in my head.

He took my to the nice looking house, and brought me inside of it. I loved how it looked, and I seemed very glad. But for some reason, the man said I could stay here only for the night, that he would return me in the morning. I just shrugged as he closed and locked the front door, which I couldn't reach the door knob to. He told me to follow him, so I did, he told me I could sleep with him... in the same bed at that. I climbed onto the bed, but this guy seemed very kind and nice to me.

He made me smile, and we both prayed together, it was nice. This man even gave me a name. I climbed off the bed though, for some reason and went to sleep on the floor. I never done that before... and I remember how I stayed with this man till the age of five years old. I think I died at this age, since I do not see myself as a boy any older then this.

I am wondering how I could find out about my past life... and why I recall it too, I mean I am not a boy... I am a female and 31 years of age. But my mind has these memories too of me as a young boy. I do know the address of the man's house to and what it looked like, but I didn't put it. I also want to know if there is a way to know which orphanage I was in, the man's name and what he named me... well if I do reflect more on my memories, I will put more on here.

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Yeah, true. I don't know if I can hypnosisted since I never tried... but I think there other people who can't be put under, since my mom never could... and I take more after her then anything *shutters at the thought*

What kind of message for you? If you don't mind me asking, a bit curious

hmm, well I did hear hypnosis does work sometimes since someone else had that done. But... I do want to find out more about my past life and maybe someone can help me out with it. Since I am starting to think that is why I always dream that I am a young boy, and always at the age of 5. But once 4... but yeah

my uncle is a hypnotist. he has had sessions with many people, focusing on this exact issue: past lives. the people who have undergone this hypnosis say it is a very un-worldly experience, very scary and just very weird, but it makes you feel like you have learned something about yourself, and this hole is filled. I would love to have it done sometime, I'm just hoping its not too scary to 'ruin' my life now.

No, I didn't go through hypnosis. I just recall them somehow, and I don't know why. I mean, I don't even have to be asleep to recall them either. But if you get the channel 266 and watch that show about past lives I want to know and hear about it! Since they had a commerical for it, this five year old girl had a past life too, she recalls where she lived and recalled having three children! And she's only five like I said, I wish I got this channel.

How did you have these memories? Did you go through hypnosis? I am curious about past lives and have read a couple of books on regression therapy. I'd like to be able to attempt to undergo hypnosis to retrieve past life memories.