Recurring Flood Dreams

Hello, I joined your group because I wanted to know or understand why I continue to have repeated dreams of a major flood or tsunami. It is annoying because I'm not a swimmer. Several times I dream t that I was in a tall building with about 10 people that I didn't know. It was a diverse group of people. We were in a tall building about 20 feet high. The city was submerged. We were the only people left alive. The water was up to the 19th floor and still rising. No one knew what to do, but we were calm. We waited to see what was going to happen next, then I woke up.
A few times I was drifting on a piece of wood in another dream. There was no one to assist me. In yet another dream, I was in a tall building with a diverse group of people on the top floor and the city was totally submerged. We saw a huge wave coming towards the building. Water was seeping in the room, then I woke up. I'm now wondering if I should learn how to swim. I don't want to live by water because of the dreams. I'm aware that the US sea levels are rising because of global warming, but I had some of the dreams before I knew that. I don't understand why I'm having these dreams. I'm thinking that the cities involved are California and Boston, but I'm not sure
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Flood in Dreams

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Dreaming of a flood can signify a rush of unending burdens. The wave of things that come at your seems to be forever, stretching as far as the horizon. There is no end in sight, no visible finish to the torrent of trouble. As the word flood dictates, it comes all at once, a massive incoming of trouble and undesired things. You don’t have time to react and muster up the courage to face it. It is a simple fight for survival, from when it starts to when it finally stops.

Visualizing a bristling flood in your dream can also be interpreted repressed sexual tension or unstable emotions that you may be feeling. However, if a slow moving flood is seen in your dream, this may be symbolic of the bad times and things are about to be swept away.