Make Her Nympho Like She Used To Be

I need to find a smooth guy that dont snitch or spread rumors to seduce me wife for sex. I want her to have many partners for sex and be a nympho like she was many years ago!!! Where can i find one without paying. So many guys claim to be that guy but they full of ****
Luckyhusband2001 Luckyhusband2001
4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I am looking for something similar, but most guys want the wife to be ready to just spread her legs for them they do not understand that in our case our wife's need to be seduced in to doing it the first time.

But most likely after that they will want it all the time but getting there is the hard work that for the right man would be do worth our if they were able to succeed in seducing them.

Exactly my situation..


Your are looking for the very thing I am. We were on other sites and I could not find any one they could not come to the table with that smooth air but came on like his **** did not stink. My wife got so sick and tired of trying that she stoped trying. Now she will not even try any more. I am looking also for some one or a couple that could help me get her Seduced and really taken care of. We have grown older and not as fresh as a couple of years ago. LOL

We had a nabor that she kind of liked and she almost had him but he could not bring himself to follow thr with it which was to bad I and she was reall wanting it to happen.

Where u live and what u cell number to text?

Where do you live. If close ill give it a try