I Need Support

As a child and teen, my father often took me to his barber and made me get real short boy cuts
I hated being shorn in the chair in front of my father and the other clients. The barber loved treating me this way
I got scissor- and clippercuts and hated it. Crying was forbidden.
Now, at 34, I long for such a humilating treatment again. Any support and friends are welcome. Need exchange and support.
clipperedlady clipperedlady
31-35, F
7 Responses May 11, 2012

Hi can I do it for you ?

Are you male or female? How long is your hair now?

Any time, Are you ready??

I can tell, you need a haircut. I would like to tie you down to my chair and buzz you up.

I hear you. Message me.

I would love to help you out and I understand how you feel.

Hi <br />
I would love to give you a humiliating short clippercut, either myself or in a barbershop.With razor shave of hairlines and talc rubs and all. let me know if interested.