Needing A Dom Man To Cut My Hair

I really want to meet a Dom man who shares my hair fetish and will force me to cut all my long thick hair really short and tie me up as they do it....
Crazy109 Crazy109
18-21, F
5 Responses Sep 12, 2012

where are you very interested

Really I've heard this before I bet your really not serious? If you look there are at least ten times more people ready to help out theses women than they are women looking. So its just not that hard to find someone if you are truly ready and just not wanting someone to talk too!

I would love to tie you up ,***** you and cut your hair!

Hey.. I would love ti chop your hair plz MSG me.. Let's chat

i am exactly what you are looking for babe .. mail me when you get a chance

Send me a message if won't let mine send x