Awesome Fantasy

Sam had Big Brown eyes, Shaggy black hair, and a matching black beard. He was kind to me and told me that he loved my hair. he asked me if i might ever let him play with my hair i told him i would love that. He asked me if i would go to his place with him that night after he got off work so he could wash and dry and play with my hair and even trim it if i wanted. It felt so nice to have someone that want to do all of this for me so i agreed.

When sam got off work we got into his car and he drove us to his house we got out of the car and he asked me if i was ok i said yes i am fine, i just dont understand why you want to play with my hair so bad. Sam told me that he had a hair fetish and he explained that all his life he loved to play with long hair and that he loved cutting hair too. He said that it turned him on he said that i was so beautiful that he couldnt resist to ask me.

He then kissed me and said that he wanted to take a shower and get all the nasty alcohol smell off of him he asked if i would join him in the shower i agreed that it sounded nice. We got into the shower and he kissed me again this time with more passion, I got so excited i started to moan a little. He wash my hair for me and i loved every second of it the massage was great he hurry up and then we got out of the shower and he had grabbed a kitchen stool and told me to sit on it so he could comb out my hair. I asked him you want me to sit here naked like this and he replied yes i have a surprise for you so i want you to close your eyes. I closed my eyes and felt cold metal at my left wrist he pulled my right wrist back to my left one and he handcuffed me in the back. Now he said are you gonna be a good girl while i play with your hair i replied with what are you gonna do to my hair, He said oh nothing as he grabbed a pair of scissors from the drawer. I started to Cry screaming "no please Dont cut my hair" you told me it was beautiful. He said yes it is beautiful and thats why im gonna cut it off and keep it as a trophy.

I started to kick my feet he grabbed some rope he had laying around and tied my feet together he said if you not going to be a good girl ill just have to cut this all off "no dont please" its too late darlin its happening and it happening now, he gathered my butt length hair into a ponytail on the top of my head and asked if i was ready "no" i replied and he said well thats to bad and grabbed the scissors and started to cut my ponytail off. All i could here was the crunching of the scissors schinch schinch schinch and then it was over i felt the remainder of my hair at my neck. the next thing i hear is the sound of the clippers being flicked on bzzzzzz i sends shivers down my spine. He says to me since you have been a bad girl all this has to go. (i start crying) why i will be good you dont have to do this. Its too late he has already started he lowered my head and started at the base of my neck moving the clippers up slowly til the reach my crown. he does this all the way around my head and says yes i think we are done. he grabbed a mirror and had me look at myself he asked me if i liked it. I took one look and loved it i replied to him yes i do love it. I think of Sam everyday since that night i will never forget how he forced me into the haircut. I just hope he enjoyed it as much as i did.
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impressed :)

Wow - fab story - bit of a turn on too

Sounds like alot of fun to me!!

Your hair is gorgeous! Anytime U feel like U want that dream to come true, let me know!

I'm a hair dresser, so dont worry!

Cool! I'd love too!

How about a nice massaging wash& condition?

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Makes me want to give someone a forced no mercy cut. She knows who she is. Either way cool story.