Real ladies who want/need/desire a real and private haircutting experience please contact me.
Only serious inquiries only please
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56-60, M
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Im ready

I am a real woman-not a poser. What I desire: first, chop all my hair off. Then you buzz cut myself bald. Then-cover my head in razor cream. Shave me bald-with the razor ;-)

I can assure you I AM A WOMAN!! AND I am also currently sporting a really short buzz..I shaved my head last week with no guard..:)

yes, unfortunately there are "posers" online and in real life, too.

Yeah, good luck with that on here. I've had a lot of "women" here ask for haircut, some going as far as making appointments to meet up and either canceling the last minute or not showing up.
A lot of the "women" on here aren't women, but, I guess you know that based on how you worded your offer.

Ladies only? You don't cut men's hair? Why not?

choose not to

just sounds like you're trying to lure women to your home or something

not at all...I assure you that I am real and sincere