My hair, my whole life-up until last year-past my shoulders. Cut to the chase-shaved IT ALL off-last year. Grown back. Too tired to do myself. Anyone, wanna, hack off-my shortish-hair to nothing but bald scalp??
femalehasclippercutfetish femalehasclippercutfetish
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I will please consider me

Iยดd love to do that for you! message me

l want to shave u bald lets talk -l am a shaving pro so let me help you

Right here waiting for you, clippers in hand no attachments. Hot towel warm cream and a sharp blade.

yes its me where are you l'm in michigan lets talk hell i'll pay your way to me if its ok with you

I would love to, but you would have to return the favor and shave my head too!!! :-)

I would do it for you

Im in washington

Keep your hair :-)

Why??? Feel so much more beautiful-bald. Coz-natural rebel. 'Society' prefers women with long-short ish hair. Plus-can donate my hair to locks of love. Organisation that, you chop off your hair-you mail all off your hair. Then, made for children who've had chemo, lose hair-they make it into wigs ๐Ÿ˜˜

That sounds good! You are right many women look good bald it can be very sexy indeed! If you are comfortable with it and feel sexy then you most certainly are!

You dont have a profile picture so I can see?

My hair is not bald right now. It is short. Learnt, to never share pics on random websites

I'm not a perv I assure you but do understand I was just being curious!

I would do it for you. Try anything once!

Ok-send you a P.M-of my short hair-wishing so much to be gone ๐Ÿ˜„

Just PM'd you

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