I'm a student from the UK and it's a fantasy of mine to have my head shaved or cut into an extreme short style. I'm a sub so I really think me and the right person could have some fun with this ;) message me if this sounds like something you'd be into ;)
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Ready for that haircut yet? 😀

Would love to cut your hair, and based in London. Sounds like we could have some fun....

would love to cut it for you. where are you in the uk

hi. I would love to shave your hair for you. get you dressed in some sexy lingerie and tie you up. how does that sound. how long is your hair at the moment

Definitely something I would love to do with you!

Guess you aren't really all that serious, shame, sounds like fun.

How is youre hair now?

It's just below my shoulders

Hmmmm, thats to long....

How long would you prefer it to be?

I think i would start to cut it into a short bob, maybe with a undercut in the back

But in the end i think You will end up bald...

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