My Goal

Its one of my goal's in life. To get married, to spend my life with my love, to become one and to help each other forever.

Most of my friends want to jerk around for the rest of their lives. Its ok. But its not my goal, of course it doesnt mean that if i dont end up married I'll be devastated for life.. no no, not at all! Its just a dream I have, I dont wanna jerk around my entire life, it has to have an end.

I want commitment and I wanna get serious... later in life..... in the future.

Arashi23 Arashi23
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 14, 2010

Me too I agree with you. I hope you find the one

so the contract is the scary part, not the word between the 2 of you. The contract is scary because then u can have the law all over you.... nice guys, u can commit to anything, can u?