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Lonely Little Space In My Heart For That One True Friend...

One of my biggest fears in life is being judged. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but that's just how I am. Maybe I'm the one that is judging myself too harshly, I don't really know. I just know that there is this lonely little place in my heart yearning to share my every thought with someone who I can feel comfortable with knowing I won't be judged or looked at in a different way. I've had one close friend before that I could share most things with but we were much different from each other and our friendship just fell apart after a while. I come from a small town where people with different views or interests are looked down upon. And when I say "different" I'm referring to everyday things like sexual orientation, interracial relationships, being a single mother, or married couples who swing (they're better known as the outcasts of the community). People that personally know me generally think of me as a sweet young lady. But on the inside I feel like somewhat of a freak. There are things in my life that I just need someone to talk to about, but I my fear of being judged causes me to just keep it all inside. That's what I love about EP, we can all share what's going on with us and not be judged harshly by others. It's a good outlet.
LuckyLibraLady LuckyLibraLady 22-25, F 10 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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There's a difference between sympathy and compassion. To sympathize with someone, you need to be able to relate to them in some way. But compassion requires more than that. Compassion is all about understanding that the human condition is more complex than what any of us can really comprehend. I can't claim that I'm a truly compassionate person because I'll admit I have certain prejudices that keep me from accepting everyone unconditionally, but I certainly try to be open-minded for those who choose to confide in me. Like you, I wish I had someone I could reveal all my secrets to without feeling as though I'm being judged, and there IS someone who knows more about me than those who are around me on a regular basis. I hope you will find someone like that someday if you haven't already.

If you still seek friends, you are always welcome to add me. My history on EP speaks volumes for itself and it appears to be what you have described seeking.

Drop me a line and we can chat. I'm pretty open minded about most things and those that I'm not, don't bother me.

Hi I feel ya would love to corispond with you.

i know how u feel trust me

I am a person that does not judge. I could care less what you are. You could be a drug addict, a prostitute, or a model. I do not judge people for what they are. I judge people by how they treat me. I can be a friend to anyone. I will be honest with you when you ask me a question. I am willing to help people where I can. If you need a friend, and want to talk let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

Would love to be your confidential friend. I do not judge anyone for their beliefs or desires. You can tell me anything and it is between us. I will not judge you, but would tell you what I think or feel. Maybe give you recommendations on what to do in certain instances. If you are interested let me know.

Look no further Beautiful. I won't judge you. You are very interesting to me.

It is a good feeling to open up and express your true intimate feelings. I've done that here.

Hi LuckyLiberaLady.<br />
<br />
I would like to see if you could use me as your confidaunt. While I am much older than you, I know the experience of growing up in a small town in Missouri. I know that you don't dare reveal inner thoughts or explore anything new or different. <br />
For these very reasons once I got out of college I left Missouri. I still have family there and friends that I enjoy going to see. But my mind works differently than theirs.<br />
<br />
I open to discussing anything and while I may express my opinion and it may differ from your's, it doesn't mean your's is wrong or that I would judge you in any way other than on this point we disagree. Feel free to check out my profile. Like I said I'm older and if you think you would like to open up to an older man, I am here and will hear what you have to say. It's up to you. Private messages would work better for private discussions.

Thank you Mindmstr, I think we would really enjoy talking with each other. I checked your profile out and we have a few things in common.I also like the fact that you're from Missouri.