Play With Me

Make me your *****, throw me down on the bed! Rip my clothes off bite my neck and slap my face. Don't stop even if I'm begging you to. I want to be red, pull my hair back and ram your **** in me then tell me to call you daddy. Use my body be rough with me, make me scream out in pain. When I push you punish me tie my hands down and wrap your hands around my neck and choke me. Bend me over and **** my *** real hard slam it in real deep, I want to squirm and try to get away... go harder. Don't stop till your done with me put me down to my knees with my hands tied behind my back and force my head down on your ****. Put your **** to the back of my throat, **** my mouth. Call me your dirty little **** as I choke on it, call my daddy's little girl. Hold me down and take me how ever you want, make me your personal *****. I will put up a fight and I expect you to handle me. If I don't say stop or your hurting me your not doing it hard enough I want to be used as a toy.
samanthaspice18 samanthaspice18
18-21, F
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You are the best on ep


Damn, you dirty ****, do I ever want to chat with you! I will rape you like a ******* *****!

Good girl Daddy can help you be the dirty girl you need to be

i like that!! bad girl!!!

Written with clear passion and desire. Well done!

dam each time I read this my **** gets hard. the thought of having a sexy hot white **** like you to handle anyway I want. treat you like dirt. pull your hair and fore feed you my ****. ram my **** in your mouth and not give a **** what you think. snatching you around like a trash. turning you over and mounting you and ******* you doggie style. yanking your hair very hard not give a **** what you think. making you scream out in pain. biting your neck and sucking it hard leaving nice bite marks on it as you scream and beg me to stop but no mercy is coming. my **** rams your ***** hard deep. stretching your white ***** around my black ****. take it ***** your mine. im your ******* daddy now. your my nasty white ***** now. your my property. and I can do what ever I want with you.

mmm I like that a bit of jealousy so sweet.

dam you one bad *** lil girl. you want me to hurt you. you want me to dominate and threat you like my white **** slave *****. make you crawl naked wile I smack your *** hard with a belt. leaving nice welts all over your *** and back. call you my nasty white ***** ****.

My kinda girl!! Can I bring some friends?

Even better if you did

We would wear you out, ****! How much can you handle?

Oh I can handle it all or at least be forced to :)

We'll be filling you full of **** around the clock! If you suck & **** good, we'll call some more friends to feed you even more *****

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I can be your daddy. Spank you and **** you hard.

Samantha tour ducking hot keep that ***** wet because I'm going to lick and **** it

All that from such a young woman. I fear you have been abused. Do not blame yourself, blame the bastard who abused you. If you can, turn him in to the police. No man should abuse a woman in the way you describe. Making love is a beautiful experience and sexual contact is its ultimate expression. There is no love or beauty in the behavior you describe. My heart weeps for you Samantha.

God, I want to **** you.

I will do all that to you Mmmm pull your ******* hair

Wow! My kind of ****! I think we would get along very well!

can a f****** f*** you so hard pull your f****** hair right across your f****** head f****** stick my tongue so far down your throat to your day going

wow , high maintenance,...(teasing) the way your mind works, lets my mind go into overdrive

I would love to **** you until you hurt and cry, begging for it to stop as I slap your face and tell you to take it like the ***** you are!!

Do you really want it like that? Coz I can do it.


My big hands wrapped around your neck....legs spread wide over my shoulders....stretching your tight young ***** out....holding you there....take it you fuckwhore...take it

I'm so turned on now

Great fantasy...maybe you need to be kept on a leash so you'll stay under control while it happens!

That's one bad lil ***** right there, holy ****.

mmmmmmmm.....we would get along very very well!! love to hear you moan as i ******* use you

Its how I'd like to use you but I would use a cane to

that's great, would my **** do?

yes :)

Wanna practice what you preachin'


Very nice, Samantha. I like your style.

My kind of woman