Many Men Have 'loved' My 'mancunt'

I regularly participate in gay sex. I now have four men in my small community with whom I have sex. Two of them will 'top' me as part of our sex play. One of my lovers has a slight build, but a large uncut ****. The other is also slight in size and has a smaller cut ****. He is able to get hard in a nano-second and enjoys putting that wonderful erection where my sun don't shine. Each week, at least once and sometimes more often, I get together with one, or more of them, usually one-on-one. Three of them will rim me and I am always clean and ready when I meet with them. I always hope that as part of our 'love making' they will eat my manpussy. They usually do, as I will theirs. We all love to kiss, fondle, suck, swallow and enjoy each others 'mancunt'. It is part of our wonderful times together. I particularly enjoy the one with the largest (7") ****. He loves to be with me and we usually end up with him riding my *** in a variety of positions. He usually **** in my *** too. We usually use a condom, but he is clean and sometimes we have barebacked. He has more fun that way and I enjoy feeling him pump his juices into me. I find that men are much better lovers than women ever were with me. Admittedly, I haven't had sex with a woman in nearly 15 years. I am so pleased with men that I doubt I'll ever want to have hetero sex again. Most older men (my preference) are passionate, electricly enthusiastic, and skilled when loving other men. I won't be with a man who doesn't like to get fully naked and passionate when we plan to have sex. I don't like the blow and go style of sex. I want to feel him, fondle him, kiss him, and have the same in return. Life is too short to not be fully engaged when being sexual. My mancunt is always treated well by my men and I love it !
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Yes blown and go stinks, we need full body contact and hours to probe and suck and lick each other.

your so lucky, i lost my anal virginity when i was 24 with a sexy 17yr old boy, we did it just once and all i wish is that i want a lovely naked guy to hold me kiss me, rim me for ages then me him mmmmm then for him to use my sexy tight bum as his *****. god im fingering my bum now just wishing. any nice slim smooth guys want to give my bum what it needs? plz xxxxxx

I too am at a point where sex with a man is more enjoyable and meaningful. I also prefer older men, they're much more mature and know what they want in a lover.

You are very fortunate with your situation. We enjoy the same sexual experiences.