My Wet Hot Warm Soft Mancunt

The first time I called my ******* a **** was with the first real lover I had in my early 20s his name was Roy an guy in his 40 s he showed me pleasure and that I had a mancunt I would meet him at his place go up in his room and get naked he then would turn me over and eat my ***** it would feel do good he always would say u like that when I eat ur mancunt get it wet I loved it it would pulsate it was so hot he would get it do wet then slowly enter it with his thick 8inch **** my ***** would grab on to his **** and he would **** my mancunt and fill it full of beautiful hot *** my **** was so hot I would gently push out the man gravy and ********** with his juice rubbing my **** till it would explored on my mancunt I would rub it in my ***** lips till this day my ******* is really a soft mancunt I'm single rite now in Vancouver and long for a boyfriend to make me feel that way again thanks for reading
Hannzz6969 Hannzz6969
Aug 18, 2013