I Thought I Was A Believer, Now I'm Not So Sure..

I just joined EP. I think I'm in love. Thank God I am not alone. I seriously wonder if there is something wrong with me. There are so many wonderful, wonderful guys who want to date me. And somehow, there's always something wrong. Chemistry is always lacking. That sneaky little bastard. I haven't had any serious relationship since my ex and I broke up last year August. I know that's not that long but there have been so many potential interests that just fade away when I don't feel that va va voom. It's gotten to a point where I seriously have to rethink how important chemistry is in a relationship and whether it's something I'm willing to give up. Is it madness or faith when you turn down man after man who has everything on paper but somehow something isn't right. Maybe we've all been brainwashed by the media. Maybe the One doesn't exist outside of fairytales and our romantic fantasies. Excuse my cynicism, but I'm a bit tired of wishing for the "perfect" man and them turning them down repeatedly. Seriously, will we ever be satisfied??
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Sep 19, 2012