Dreaming Of Being Sister Wife

I am a single woman in my late 30s who already has five beautiful children. I am looking to become a sister wife; I have been wanting to be apart of a pural marriage for years. I want to be apart of a large family; I want that sense of always having someone to help and support and to love you. I enjoy being apart a the family life style. It means so much to me to join another family and help a family grow.
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So if you don't mind me asking, how goes the search? And any advice?

I am interested. please write me. : )

I can imagine it would get lonely. How old is your youngest? I think that one of the best things to be apart of a big family, is always having something to do, and always having someone with u, you know what I mean? How many children would you like to have?

My eldest is seventeen and my youngest is five. I am busy most of the time with housework and helping the children with their homework. I'm not sure how many more I would like, I am a strong believer in faith and what will be will be. But a huge family is definate for me.

Yes I completely agree. Family is very important and loves you no matter what. How are you finding things with being single? Is it tough looking after the kids? Bit personal question there so you don't have to answer

Don't get me wrong I love it just me and the children, but it does get lonely just me and the children. Especially when there in bed asleep.

Ohh wow that's amazing. Children are such a joy :) are you interested in having more children? Would be amazing to be apart of a large family, and being responsible for bringing them altogether :)

I would love to have more children if the right partner came along. I've always wanted a big hugh family; family is the most important thing to me.

Yes we have children. We have 2 babies, they r twins :) So adorable. How about you?

five beautiful wonder children, three delightful daughters and two handsome sons

Hi there, I find your story interesting. Would you like to chat more ? It seemed as tho we want the same sorta thing.

hi, do you have children? if so how many?