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I'm 6'0" Native American/White, enjoy fitness,cooking.reading, good conversation. Big heart, and very honest and upfront, I am a lover of women all shapes,sizes,ages, etc..I feel a woman should be treated like a queen. The most beautiful thing God ever created was the woman. My g/f (straight) is an absolute doll, loving, caring,giving, non jealous etc..We haven't had the privilege of raising children of our own, this is part of our desire to find a sister-wife, who needs help raising a little one.We feel God has called us to this , we both want to share love,kindness,and compassion with a special woman,and possibly share the joy of helping to mold and shape a young life, we both had issues growing up and have vowed to not let a child in our care be subjected to the same things as we were. We feel very strongly about this, our hearts are open and we pray God will help us find the right match, and add to our family.
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Hello I am looking for a sister wife and a family for my daughter and I. Don't know how to do this but email please thank you

I hope your prayers are answered. We are also looking for a sister wife

Thank you, we have actually met someone and been talking a few weeks. I'm going to meet her soon, she wants the same things as us...I'm not getting my hopes up but....I pray the same for you.

Updating were are still searching.