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My mother used to say that I was born late and have been late ever since.  I was the world's biggest procrastinator.  It wasn't laziness; it was fear.  I was afraid that if I really applied myself I'd fail - and that would be worse than not trying.  Even in high school I wanted to write a novel - but writing one seemed like climbing Everest.  100s of pages, all those characters, all that description.  I made numerous half-hearted attempts, got frustrated, and gave up each time.  It wasn't until I turned 40 that I learned the secret.  A big fat novel, with all of its subtleties, nuance, and complexity, is written one page at a time.  And individual pages are written one word at a time.  That was 3 novels ago.       
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Smebro! -- My man - pots and pans! Happy New Year to you top. Your style is still together, thank goodness. Yes - it is the Christian New Year folks. The Jewish New Year's initiation precedes ours by about four millenia. Then there's the Chinese, of course, by that's another story. We are all so smug and ethno-centric.

Awesome stuff El<br />
Happy new Jesus Calender Year!

Thanks! Once I got over the fear of failure (and of success) I was free to lose myself in the work. It is so much fun! The first draft of my second book - Moonlit Tours - was written in a month! A month! 400 pages. It was like I was on fire.

I couldn't have said it any better. I think it is the fear that keeps me from completing what I start. You nailed it!