I Really Wish I Could!!!

i have a boss, that has been working at the hotel where i work, for the last 2 years, and ever since, he has always tried to get all his friends and family in, to work there!! so far we have seen his brother (who has since been fired for steeling), his wife (who replaced his brother), a female friend (that worked under him at another hotel), and his best friend!!! the female friend got given a managers job straight away(although she has since been fired for fighting at a work night out), his best mate also got given a managers job straight away, and just last week, he got made up to assistant general manager!!! not and just over 8 months ago, there was another guy started working in the hotel (he has the same surname as my general manager, but no relation apparently lol yeah right) and they are always so strict with the staff that have been working there for years, yet all their own people get away with eveything, like being lazy, and ordering the rest of us about, and taking cigarette breaks and chatting away on their cell phones for 10 and 15 minutes at a time!!! whereas it just looks as though they are trying to get rid of the rest of us, to make way for more of their own people!!!! i just wish i could sack both their ***** right now!!!!

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

i wish i could!! lol

simply unbelievable and unfair! you should be able to fire him!