Denim Never Dies !

Yeah I wanna fit into them all

I wear size 1 and everytime that I wear skinny jeans

They make me feel so nice .. ! I really love them all

Sometimes, when I gain some weight, I dont dare enough to wear them

Cz I know I couldnt fit into em' So, They inspire me to get my azz to the gym

& Loss some weights ! Yeah ! I really Love Denim !

They never Die ;)

DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 20, 2009

I think you kinda misunderstood me or something. I dont wanna be a bad influence or anything at all. I just said I love to wear denim in skinny shape but skinny jeans don't mean low waist or anything like that. Maybe you should just read carefully again before leaving a long comment that makes no sense lol

wow, why not just get "not so tigh" one wants to see your dirty butt all the a good influence to me..sometimes you cant always look sexy, why not look wearing something that "doesnt" look sexy and doesnt feel goood :P, wear something that is normal, :P god...that could look good also..look how guys do it...something that doesnt show your cant always think, of the first thought you think of when you wear new clothes. Guys wouldnt look at you just to play you if you wore something normally,- "just being clothes", you would be like a GHOST, no one will look at you dirty, and you wont get dirty looks, don't even have to get into the "spirit" to get into those jeans to look good,,why "always", look sexy,,why not just look, can wear "not, so tight shirts" that make your boobs bigger...just not too tight for the stomach..and your boobs wont be as noticeable. lol :D, why not work out your muscles, so you can look fit, and not skinny, reflects betta, .An.D .Be.Cause i love you, not like, you :P.S. Love's

Oh yeahhh .. They really do that :)<br />
<br />
Thks !

hello DollyDiva how are you,<br />
This is a nice story although I am not able to get the real moral of the story<br />
but this story says to me " exercises are so nice, they makes you healthy, wealthy and wise