I Can't Fix It

My lover brought me a necklace from one of her trips over to Fiji. I know it didn't cost much, ad it was really only a souvenir, but, it's a gift from her and I cherish the things she gives me... But, in anger and rage because things just started to go wrong, in our relationship that is, I broke it off from around me neck because I felt terrible wearing something from her when I knew that things were so wrong.


We're still together (thank god), but, though she didn't mind I broke it, I do mind. I've still got it, sitting in my room. It's actually very easy to fix a necklace, but, there's just this feeling inside that stops me from repairing it so it may be worn once more.


I guess it's doomed to remain broken, sort as a reminder to what can happen when things go wrong, so that we can learn from our mistakes. But still, I'd like to fix it one day. maybe when I know it's time. Until then it shall remain that I can't fix.

HellScyth HellScyth
18-21, M
May 17, 2008