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The last guy I dated was a hermit. He is intelligent, funny and "of good breeding", but he is lost and afraid of living! I wish I could fix him and his life... but that is something that he is afraid of doing. He is so afraid that he uses drugs to avoid it more. He wants to change... but the reason is "to be a better person for [me]" not because he want to for himself. *saddened* I wish I could have done something... Actually the short time we were together I hope I helped him in some way. *saddened*

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this is one for the record books.. i can feel both sides of this story. I can understand why you would be sad for your friend, and want to help them be a part of the world again.<br />
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At the same time, i know exactly how scary the world can be and my desire to stay out of it- its very tempting, and something i have to work on randomly.<br />
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Agreed - you are so kind, and caring, you can not help a preson who will not or does not want to help themsevles.

*sad* I know... there is nothing I can do... but I still wish I could. *tears*

oh this is sad- but sometimes there is nothing you can do. you tried anyway!!

*saddened* I know...

You are avery good person for trying so hard however some people dont want to be changed.

Sometimes our good intentions go unanswered. Sounds like you really cared about him but there's some things you just can't fix. I have a friend such as you describe who is not a hermit. He is extremely intelligent (PhD in genetics) and doesn't even teach anymore (He was a college professor)<br />
He doesn't do much of anything. I think some people just kind of fall out the the "mainstream" and there's really no getting them back. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, Naki.