The Price To Be Paid



Fast , Faster



Losing and Lost

Unfettered and Free

Heartbroken , Crushed Spirit.....


Everything has a Price

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15 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Thanks kitti...But it was a good one....If you had not dropped me I would have missed the thrill!! I realise only now...Its a great experience rite??hahaha.....See you dont know how it is falling from the top because u know you are safe with your wings!!

aww come on MM ...I would never let you fall without catching you...silly wolf ..*giggles * lands MM safely on the ground .....there .....*hides smile behind wing as MM wobbling when he walks*

Omg..No...No...Now not again for the third time...Puts his hands around kitti's shouders and has them tight so that she never drops him again in the air....You know how fast my heart bet when you left me to free fall??? What will happen if you miss me by accident??Then there will be no wolf troubling you!!So be serious!!

*giggles* ..ohh Im feeling dizzy ...*flips in circle twice in air*..lolol dont you dare puke on my wings or I really will drop you ..lolol...swoops down and lands MM safely on ground ..ohh poor wolf look how you shake poor thing ... ..*giggles*

Omg....Grabs kitti's shoulders and hugs her tight from behind....I was scared as hell..Why did you do that angel??? Yes I have learned ,ofcourse, the hardest way!! LOL.....Never will I touch any other angel!! hahaha....Now you have to take me safe to land....Its your responsibility!!

ahhh MM you should know ....kitti is full of surprises ....kitti lets go of tail and MM starts falling fast straight down ...the wind through his fur ...until kitti flies under him and catches him on her back *giggles* now have you learned ...never to dirty my wings

oh...But you are giving me a treat for dirtying your wings!! How can I fly without your help??That too to SPACE???....So how far we are going up???Dont we need oxygen??lmao

ahh its hurt because wings are so fragile and delicate ..that they can tear easily if they are not taken care of and hers have torn ...she is so sad ..she will have to wait to fly again it is a hard lesson she will have to learn now ...she will see all the other angels fly but she wont be able to .......<br />
<br />
*looks at cream on her wings ..*giggles * ...flies up and swoops down grabs MM by his tail and flies straight up through the clouds almost to space * you'll learn not to dirty an angels wings no?*giggles*

Runs behind kitti and throws the water baloon..Yes I got it bang on you...You see I win if it is a fair game!!<br />
<br />
Why it is hurt kitti???But yours is perfect rite?

*smiles and looks at pic* isnt she wonderful MM?.... look how sad she is looking at her poor little wing that got so hurt.....flies down and hands MM a water balloon there ...I wont fly I will run and give you a fair chance no?.....runs away giggling looking behind her at MM

Sees kitti flying high!! Tries to throw water baloons but misses her by a whisker!!<br />
<br />
Damn I cant fly!!<br />
<br />
Btn,You have added a nice picture to your story!!

yayayay Kitti starts flying around and around ...starts throwing water balloons on MM *giggles* ahh too bad wolves dont fly .....yayayya ..throws another water balloon filled with chocolate whip cream on MM lol

Ah...I loved the poem...First few line gave me some jitters....But you know after I read the last line I smiled wide!!<br />
<br />
Oh...I will untie it for you to just fly but not fly away!! Unties kitti's wings and now you can soar high!!

LOL....*hugs MM tightly * aww MM know I will not go anywhere...look at my wings ..someone clipped while I was sleeping can u untie me darling.....*giggles* I guess you liked the poem ? your so funny MM!!

Brings a rope and ties kitti to a stick...You are not flying anywhere and get heatbroken !! You stay right here and enjoy your peaceful heart!!