Isn't Self Preservation Supposed To Be Something You're Born With?

I'm fairly convinced that I have a low self-preservation drive.  I have all the time in the world for taking care of others.  Yet I have neither the time or the motivation to take care of myself.  Even when I really need to.  I currently have a headache (probably from stress) and everyone I've tried to talk to has changed the topic before I can get anything off my chest.  That wouldn't be so bad if we eventually could get back to letting me vent a little (the reason the conversation even started) or if I could work up the anger for their topic shift and utter lack of caring to change the topic back to something important to me.  But as the record will show, I now sit suffering from not only my own problems, but everyone else's that seems to think that now is the appropriate time to unload on me. ugh... but I can only complain to myself and in my little anonymous rants.  None of this will be able to carry over and give me the power to take control of the conversation.  I'm just too passive and a sucker for helping people.  In the end, I will always choose everyone else's happiness over my own.  Even to the point of physical and emotional pain.

cluelessandlost cluelessandlost
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2010