To Believe Or Not Believe Is To Powerful Or Powerless

Believe to receive God's power and walk in it?

This is what the spirit of God says and His word declares:

Believe in God, Believe He has made a way for you. Don't just stand on the outside and say I have tried.

Some of you it isn't a lie you sure did try. You tried to find God in this world of mass confusion.

You went to church even and they even lead you astray!

They were cold,dead,without love and did not walk in the power of God!

So now you have turned your back on God? Your God that has made you and all you have is blame,bitterness and resentment.

Laying the wrong foundation and not even realizing it- so you say God is a lie or I don't deserve God's help!!


Do you even read God's word- study and show yourself approved so God can equip you with the wisdom that will save your life and cause you to affect many people's lives? To actually wittness the power of God in Christ moving and changing the people God had lead you to reach out to, and even pray for! Life's instructions all included- even how you will know God's  people.

Wolves in sheeps clothes- do you think now you were warned correctly?

You will know them by there love- love?

What kind of love? The unconditional love that says "hey I know who can set you free,forgive you and give you the peace & strength that you need"- One that says"God loves you and isn't mad at you- He want's to heal you with his undescribable love." "God enpowers us with His love- giving us the desire to serve him and love the people." "He will never leave you or forsake you- Trust in God".

"No condemnation- Only mercy,love,grace, and God will teach,guide and prepare us to walk in his power"

"God is alive and personally cares and is interested in having a relationship with you". 

God leads us step by step and no it isn't easy in this world- With God we can overcome obstacles and win by not allowing the sins and injustices of this world take our peace away,we can not allow the love for God and people to grow cold. If the people grow cold and no longer love and just bite,devour, and tear eachother down-we will be destroyed. We can not let unforgiveness,bitterness and the problems of this world overcome us with sadness, or fear.

We stay connected with God through Jesus the head-the one by which we overcome. In and by our own strength we can not do this. God has so many promises for us to reach out and grab with a heart that desires to fellowship with Him. God is a jealous God in the sense that he can not stand seeing his children hurt,suffer, and be destroyed- The justice,protection and freedom from satan's agenda is found in the safety of God shelter offered to us all to climb into Jesus salvation for all who call. We may have to ride some waves, call peace to come,be still and also be restored in the name of Jesus. But this is why we have been given the name of Jesus. To have the power,strength- and confidence that can not be shaken and we walk through the storms. The storms and trials that destroy others is made possible because of the great gift of God through Jesus.

By saying yes to Jesus-choosing to take God at his word for the forgiveness of sin, Saying "Yes, God I want to be saved by you, to honor you, to have a life that is powerful and shows you grace and love in Jesus name.

You must too understand that you may not know as much as you need to know about what we have rights to, the abiltiy to do in Jesus name. This means too that we totally surrender it everyway that we know how to- God will lead us. Jesus died and rose from the dead to also deliver us from those things that harm us, overtake us, make us ill,death. This too includes spiritual death- as in broken fellowship/relationship with God. How because you have not went to God for the errors and mistakes that we all make and NO this is not about you did this-with a big finger in your FACE!NOPE!

This is God reaching out and saying "Hey there, you need my wisdom and guidance so you can live to the fullest and not just keep falling down and remaining in this tale chasing get you nowhere direction" Let me lead you- I love you and know what is best for you" I have good plans for you-not to harm you but walk with you,talk with you."

God has this undying love for you, this is his deepest-BIGGEST desire is to show His great love to you by supplying all your needs,filling you up with his spirit. He causes us to be something that we could never been on our own- the mark he leaves on our lives is so defining that we never want His spirit to leave us and it litterally greives us to walk away from God after we truly have felt,experienced,walk in the power of His spirit.

We than litterally cry out from the depths of our heart- I can't live without having His spirit stirred in me. This causes us to be able to say in all truth I have never felt such love and embracing as I do when I am seeking the face of God, surrounded by his spirit- it surges and shots through my very bones. I am enlivened in such a way I can believe God for anything because God is real to me and has revealed himself to me.

Even though I know I did not do one thing to deserve this relationship with the living God- I love it how he loves me. I now know I in myself can not do anything without his grace. I have fully surrendered to be used by God as a vessel made acceptable because of Jesus. How could I not tell you what God has done for me? For me- someone that could be called so many things according to how I lived before I met Jesus! I still do make mistakes but this is not what defines me!

It is my love for God, My desire to do what he wants, My desire for him to never leave me- It's my heart!! God knows more of the whys and hows, how we comepletly fall on our face in total need of grace because we are in all reality weak and feeble without God's mercy,love and grace- His ability to lift us out of graves,ditches,out of the enmies hand. Taking us through the trials-strengthing us, training us, and sending us out to save a world that is malnourished and dying because of the lack of "The Love" that restores all and heals all Jesus Christ! 

Believe This/Seek this- God and His promises of God and ask in Jesus name and you will receive. Even if you have to start with God make my heart right with you,give me a heart that desires and loves you in Jesus name.


Jesus stopped in his tracks. "Call him over."


They called him. "It's your lucky day! Get up! He's calling you to come!" Throwing off his coat, he was on his feet at once and came to Jesus.


 Jesus said, "What can I do for you?"

 The blind man said, "Rabbi, I want to see."

 "On your way," said Jesus. "Your faith has saved and healed you."

   In that very instant he recovered his sight and followed Jesus down the road.Mark 10:49-52 (The Message)

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