Whatever It May Be...

sometimes i think i know exactly what i want from life, and others i really have no clue. i go back and forth. i'm still kind of sorting out what my real dreams are, and what i truly want to do. regardless, i still want to live life to the fullest and make my dreams come true. it's something to shoot for, at least!

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

thank you so much! i know what you mean about writing things down, it can really give us a clearer look at things. sometimes our brains only have so much space to store all our thoughts and dreams, so seeing them down on paper is a good way to organize!

You have time to figure it all out - I believe we have to do that all our lives - come to certain crossroads and evaluate where we have been and where we want to go and are we doing the things to get us there. Dreams are awesome and they turn into goals but we all know as our life changes, our dreams and goals change with it!<br />
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The one thing I was told once was to write your goals down - there is something about writing it and having it to visually see that can be very motivational. I recently did that - an exhaustive list - and it got me to start thinking about a few of them more seriously!<br />
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You sound like you are on the right track!

indeed they are!