John Avery Whitaker

John Avery Whitaker. Sadly not as many people know him as I would like. He is a devout Christian and has encouraged others to follow Christ for as long as I can remember. He is a man who sees how God can work through our suffering and pain to build something incredible. After his wife died trying to save a building that had brought much joy to the children and families of that town, John bought it to save it from destruction. He over time turned it into a shop and tried to make that shop all that his wife and God wanted it to be. This shop can be summed up in one simple paragraph: "Whit’s End will be an ice cream shop and discovery emporium. It will have a soda fountain, a museum, a well-stocked library, a theater. It will be a place of faith imagination, adventure, and discovery, where the joy of learning will be found in everything we do. It will be a place where the Bible will come alive for all who enter. It will be a place where kids will learn respect for one another, and for their parents, and for all in authority over them; a place where kids will engage in uplifting and wholesome conversation; a place with character building activities; a place filled with constructive fun, games, arts, and crafts. But most of all it will be a place where kids of all ages can just be kids." Of course by now most of you know this man is fictitious but he does not have to be. If we can uphold his values, and try to tell others about Christ, then the character of John Avery Whitaker will be just as real as anything else.
captainjamesrogers captainjamesrogers
Jan 19, 2013