Got To Play With My Friends Wife

My wife Jill and I have gone a couple of times to the one of the topless pools in Las Vegas and really enjoyed the atmosphere. It's not just the the women who are topless, its all adults, the music and party scene is good and the lounges and amenities are top notch. We had been there on two or three different trips and had a very good time but the next time really stood out. We were there with friends of ours, John and Joyce, and on the second day decided to go down to the pool areas. We had known John and Sherry for a long time and had gone on a couple of vacations with them. They could be unpredictable, John could be very obsessed with a project or hobby and talk about nothing else, Sherry was very proper most of the time but both of them could cut loose as well. They had never gone to Las Vegas so we weren't sure what to expect from our friends. That morning we were trying to figure out what to do and so Jill and I suggested that we go to the the topless pool. John didn't need to be asked twice, we liked to flirt and play the field. Sherry took a little convincing but she was in as well. We knew from previous experience that sometimes it could get packed and it would be best if someone went in and make sure we had a place to lay. We didn't have our suits, needed to get towels, sunscreen etc. and the girls wanted to get books/magazines to read. We were already down by the pool area so we volunteered John since it was 11 to go in and save us places and we would bring him his suit. By the time the girls and I got the stuff and I could get them back down there, it had to have been about an hour. I was laughing my *** off because John had obviously not been dressed for the pool yet and he was hanging by the topless pool by himself. I could imagine everyone was trying to figure out who the guy in street clothes hanging by the topless pool was, some perv or something (kinda of true I guess.) We got down there and there was a decent crowd, the vibe was good and the music pounding. John was drinking and unphased by what anyone thought of him. He got all of us the drink of the day, some fruity concoction with alot of alcohol in it, and changed into his suit. We had another drink and Jill said she was thinking about taking off her top. John was all over that, he had always been into her and a little handsy with her. John wanted Sherry to as well but didn't want to pressure her. Jill is average height, dirty blond hair and has very nice large C/small D boobs with that always drew alot of attention. Sherry on the other hand was tall and thin with small boobs. As we kept partying, Jill finally was like here I go and took off her bikini top. Since we were in the water and it was a little chilly, her nipples were hard. We moved back to our chairs and next thing I knew Sherry had taken down her top. I tried not to look because I didn't want her feeling self-concious. We kept drinking and moved back to the pool, Jill left her top off but Sherry pulled her top back up. Once in the pool, we told her the pool is the place to enjoy not having her top on and she took it off. John started talking to an older couple and we hung out enjoying the scene. Pretty soon, Sherry went got out of the pool and went to the bathroom without putting her top back on and the rest of us knew that she was relaxed about it. When she came back she started hanging around me which I didn't mind. Normally John would flirt alot with Jill so this was a little different. She was clearly feeling no pain. She moved in front of me and was standing in between my legs as I leaned back against the side. Next thing I know whe turns around and leans back against me, takes my hands and puts them right on her ****. They were small but had large nipples. I am trying to process what exactly to do - my wife is right there, also topless with Sherry's husband at the same time I don't want to get kicked out. Jill answered the first question, she said to John "looks like they are busy" and then got on John's back in the water and said to give her a ride around the pool. It was hot seeing her big boobs smash against his back. I figured as long as we weren't making out or had my hands on or in her bikini bottom we would be okay. She wasn't given me a lot of choice anyway since she was hugging my arms to her chest. Enjoyed holding her boobs while I tried to discreetly play with her nipples so we wouldn't get kicked out. We kept this up for a while, no idea what John and Jill were doing. John came back with the older couple and we talked with them for a while, the man kept touching his wife's bare boob. I couldn't get out of the water without embarrasing myself with a tent. I finally got control of myself and so that we could go. As we are walking back up to our room, Sherry caught up to me and put her hand in my pocket as we walked up. I was thinking to myself, stay in control. I realized that Sherry was drunker than I realized. We got back into our room, they were connected and put on a dry pair of underwear and lay down on the bed. Jill lay down beside me and then Sherry lay on the other side and John turns on the TV. We are all drunk to some degree and coming down from the rush of the day. Sherry still had her swimsuit on under shorts and a t-shirt. Jill reaches down and pats my **** and says "looks like you have a little chubber". Then Sherry reaches and pats it as well, that caught me by surprise. We are just hanging out and I am trying to figure my next move, I have my hand on her and then tell her she should get the wet suit off. No response, suggest it again and realize she is starting to fall asleep/pass out. At this point, I didn't want to press my luck figuring that things have gone pretty well already. When we did get up and start getting ready to go to dinner, John called my over to their bathroom. Sherry was finishing her shower and he was offering me a look so maybe I could have pushed them further. A couple of years later, things did go a little further but that is a different story.
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very hot, they probably would have swapped