Fondling And Massaging My Friend's Wife

I have a crush on my friend's wife. So I always try to find ways to get near her. I invited my friend to get full body massage at my house from the masseur whom I call once every week for my body massage.

My friend came to my house,bringing his wife with him. My masseur started my friend's massage first. So, I got the chance to be alone with my friend's wife, in another room.  I asked her if she wanted massage. She says she feels shy to get the massage from a male. 

In order to show her that the massage is going to be quite nice, I asked her to come nearer to me. I then started giving her a gentle but firm massage on her neck and shoulder. She said she liked the way  I massage her. I could see that she started getting worked up. Slowly and gradually, I gathered courage and put my hand on her breast and asked her if she would like to have massage on her breasts. I thought she would say no and remove my hand from over her boobs, but did nothing of that sort, instead just kept smiling. It encouraged me and I started fondling her breasts. 

Since my frined's massage was going to last for at least 60 minutes, I had plenty of time to play with her nipples and boobs. I could see that she was not wearing bra. Her nipples got rock hard and I felt like the size of boobs increased too. She enjoyed her breasts massage for quite some time. Instead of me asking her to **** her, it was she who guided my erect **** to her already dripping *****. 

By the time my friend finished his massage, I too had finished my massage of his wife. My friend loves his massage and his wife loves my massage.

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MMMMM SO very HOT!!! I love this. Has anything heppened since?

Great - had a similar experience

Great - had a similar experience

lucky guy