Fondling Her **** Led To More and Her Sister Watched

I've written before about how great my second wife and her younger sister got along.  My wife liked her sister's adoration and she knew how much I enjoyed her showing off, so my wife would combine the two things.  The two of them would wear thin semi see-thru shorty nightgowns when her sister came to stay a few days with us.  Their nipples were visible through the cloth, something I especially enjoyed.  The difference between the two of them was that my sister-in-law wore panties with her shorty whereas my wife did not.  Of course, as a result, my wife did plenty of ***** flashing.  Both of them acted perfectly normal about this and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

This incident happened in the early 70's while my wife was in her early 20's. 

We used to sit at the table and play Double Solitaire cards.  Two people sit across from each other and play Solitaire the usual way, except that both players play on any ace that has been played.  It's fun and it's fast paced.    

I loved for them to wear their shorties and play while I watched.  My wife would sit on my lap while I also got to ogle her sister's **** through her thin nightgown while she sat across from us.  Of course you can imagine how horny this made me.  I would reach under my wife's arms and casually play with her ****, brushing her nipples a little at first then when my wife didn't object, I progressed to tweaking them.  She seemed to like that.  Her sister could see everything we were doing, but simply ignored us. 

Their nightgowns had spaghetti straps and they would fall down occasionally; however because they were reaching their arms over the table to play cards, their straps never fell down far enough to uncover their ****.  During a pause in the game, I nudged my wife in an effort for her to take a strap all the way off her right arm.  She was uncooperative at first, but as I've said before, if I pursued her a little longer she would give in, then she was very cooperative…and she let me take her top down even though it still covered her breast.

As the game progressed, I worked her top down lower and lower, playing with her *** the whole time.  Eventually her top was all the way off her ***.  She didn't mind me continuing to play with her naked ***, even though her sister was sitting right across from us and able to see everything.  I was one horny dude.  Obviously my wife felt the woody she was sitting on and maybe that is what encouraged her to be so cooperative.  She loved to have her **** played with too, but we had never done it in front of her sister before.

Eventually her sister went to the bathroom and while she was gone, I suggested to my wife that she put me inside her while she sat on my lap.  At first I think she thought I was nuts and said something about her sister being there.  The idea of my wife and I screwing in front of her sister was a lot further along than we had ever gone before.  I told my wife that her sister wouldn't even be able to tell and fortunately before her sister returned, my wife raised up and slid my **** inside her as she sat back down again.   I was pleased to learn how wet she was; obviously she was turned on also. 

When her sister came back, they continued to play cards.  I continued to play with my wife's exposed *** and the whole time my **** was deep inside her.  I was really turned on.  I'm surprised I was able to keep from moaning.  Every time my wife moved I thought I would ***.  At some points I would hold both of her hips with my hands to try and keep her still.  When I did, my wife would smile at me.  She knew I was about to explode. 

Eventually my wife was agreeable to taking the other side of her gown down too.  Then I reached around both sides of her and casually fondled both naked **** at the same time while both of them pretended nothing unusual was happening.  After they played awhile, we eventually watched a little TV and then all of us went to bed, her sister going to her own room.  My wife and I had torrid sex.  This was one of the rare nights when I climaxed before my wife.  I never had sex with my sister-in-law, but I'm sure if my wife and I had stayed married, it could have led there.  My wife enjoyed her sister so much, she wouldn't have minded, but her sister wasn't ready yet at that time.      

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Such a ******* hot story.

Wow that's so sexy could picture it.

Wow that's so sexy could picture it.

This is a wonderful hot story. Because of your great details I can imagine the action as it is happening. My imagination allows me to see into this scene like a movie, and this is a HOT story. I love the idea of the two of them showing their **** off with you. I also love the idea of your wife in your lap with you inside during the game. Great story!

Please write those stories. I enjoy them so much.

Hi dcnsc, There can be no doubt that her sister saw me playing with my wife's naked ****. She never said anything about it, probably because both my wife and I were acting so nonchalant. My wife went topless often enough in front of her sister and me at the same time and all three of us always acted like it was perfectly normal for her to do so. There were other times when the three of us would be watching TV and I would put my arm around my wife and fondle a ***. Depending on how long the TV show was, I was sometimes able to gradually slip one side of her top down and casually slip her *** out of her top and fondle it. Again, all three of us would ignore what was going on. The time described in my story above was the only time I ever had my **** inside my wife while her sister was present. You need to understand that my wife had a very happy attitude, laughing and smiling a lot. So not only did she like attention, my discomfort with trying not to climax also put a smile on her face. I'm sure they talked some but I really don't know how a dumb ***, I never asked. I know my wife talked her sister into wearing a string bikini several times at our house....and she had a terrible time keeping her **** inside it....and I know that my sister-in-law (who had bigger **** than my wife's C cups) liked to go braless under tight t-shirts in public and she liked my wife to do the same thing....but both of those are other stories I need to write about. Thanks for sharing your story.

Loved reading your story. Kind of wished my wife was sitting on my lap so I could fondle her **** while reading.

Very hot! I would love to listen to sum of your wife and her sister’s private conversations after that episode. Do you think they ever discussed what had happen? Her sister had to know what was going on and with them being close you would think they would have talked about it...<br />
My wife and her sister are not that close and we had an exciting experience at her house during a family gathering. The details are in my story "Sister-n-Law Saw". To my knowledge her sister never told our little secrete but every time we visit their home I always get that knowing little smile from her. <br />
Thanks for sharing such a hot story. dc