Perfect Butt In Tight Laxative Pants

Lisa is a school teacher. She loved her job and is great at what she do. Wearing her proper tight dress pants to work lisa has made many young man who reach puberty find her attractive. She teaches history for a middle school in her city. One day on her field trip with her 8th grade students she had an experience her whole body and her mind would never forget. It’d all begin in the late evening of the day before her field trip with her class. Lisa when to her mother in law house and got into a mild argument. Her mother in law a lady named veronica said that Lisa was a hypocrite. She said that Lisa would judge other her and other women for the ways they’d wear their pants. And that Lisa is no any different with her fashion choice. Lisa defended herself with the fact that she is not the one who’d wear her pants so far up her butt that it’d appear as if her butt is munching on it. Veronica voices her concern that it’s just the silky pants that would make it looked like her butt is big, that is all. Lisa did not concur and says to her mother in laws that her big booty look like it have not been fed in a while and that she and her 40 years old adult female friends shouldn’t be in those thin tight *** pants. Veronica told lisa to leave her friends out of the disagreement. Lisa who has always considered herself as a perfect butt girl told veronica to stop her inappropriate butt munching look and learn to admire her body. Lisa describe herself as a fine butt girl , friendly to guys ,with a pretty face, sexy waist, and has a firm round full bottom that is perfect in every ways compared to most women. She advice her mother in laws to not dress like she is going to a disco at work and especially if it’d make her butt look like a wing as her pants is often too tight. Lisa then got smart and end the conversation with as long as you don’t diarrhea your pants from not being able to pull your tight pants down is fair enough. Enrage but pretending to act calm veronica walk into another room to end lisa low blow nonsense. Later in that evening lisa and veronica got friendly as they talked about veriona son, lisa husband. Veronica decide to make chocolate cake before lisa went from to her son. Veronica being mild and forgiving to lisa earlier insult on her buttock decide to take revenge on lisa earlier insults by attacking lisa big firm butt and make it do what it does best, pooping. she made a chocolate cake out of chocolate laxatives. Everything on the cake that is chocolate is laxatives. Both she and lisa consume the laxative laced cake and lisa even asked for a third helping.
Lisa went home. The next morning lisa got up and go forward to her day with an exciting field trip to the history museum on her mind. She has no idea what her mother in law has done to her so call perfect appropriate butt.
The amount of delicious chocolate laxatives she has consume last night would make her have an explosive urge to defecate within 8 hours and since lisa has already slept the 8hrs last night , she got only minutes before the laxatives go to work on her bottom. This morning she chooses to wear a spandex thong that hugs the valley of her butt tightly and a pair of tight dress pants that would show off some butt cleavage. As Lisa walked to her car she can feel her pants tighten and became fitted. It was getting a little too tight. But being a hypocrite she pull her soft dress pant up to make it tighter as to show off her big butt a little more to her public.
She arrives at the middle school and immediately counted her students from her classroom. She put them on the school bus, she wave good bye to her staffs and leave the school parking lot. Seated warmly in the front of the bus she texted veronica and thanks her for the chocolate cake last night. Veronica did not reply back to lisa text. What lisa don’t know is that veronica
Is in her light green tight pants fighting the laxative effect of the cake. Veronica thought that she would be able to drive to dunkin donut for a coffee and got home in time to be on the toilet texting lisa and enjoying her revenge. However, as she has miss calculate her own prank, she is now at a red light with her laxative working fulltime on her butt in her car seat. Gripping the wheel tight and looking all desperate she farted and beging pooping her tight green pants and panty.the traffic light turn green and veronica who is in hot fudge panty sped home as fast as she can. She yell and curse lisa name as the laxative cake she shared with lisa made her crapped her tight pants against her control driving to her house. veronica got home and the back of her green pant were brown.
Mean while, lisa’s pretty smiley face and her flexible butt pants are feeling a little uncomfortable on the highway to the museum. Lisa is feeling uneasy as the laxative effect from veronica cake begins to work. She sit in her seat with her beautiful curve and big juicy butt in tight black dress pants and an elastic thong hugging her butt crack. She begins to feel the need to poop.
She thought to herself that this is not the time to need a bowel movement. Then she also realize that she is in tight clothing and on a school bus with no restroom. With those thought in mind her urge to defecate rises as her laxative is working at it maximum. It have been more than 8 hrs and this is the time where her body would suffer the effect of the laxatives and her booty would deliver the consequence. Seated nervously in her chair, lisa need to go poop grow stronger. She need to the ladies room and soon it became clear to Lisa that its an emergency. More time passed and lisa is now in laxative pants. Her big butt is under threat of making a shameful mess in her pants in front of students and the bus driver. The chocolate laxative work so well inside of her, it makes her eyes widen and mouth opened from trying to not poop in her tight pants. She sit unstill in her seat trying to believe the horror she is in. she is an adult and going number 2 in her pants is very embarrassing. 20 minutes went by and lisa is now shaken from her intense urge to defecate. Her intense urge to defecate double and she now belief it could be diarrhea. She need to be on the toilet and it an emergency. Her lower intestine rumble as the laxative do what it promise, give her a good bowel movement. Lisa is now sweating in her tight clothing and is farting silently like crazy against her control. She’d press her buttock tightly against her seat to help hold back her explosive urge to go poop. Her big butt is under attack as the diarrhea storm inside of her churn and rages, causing discomfort motivating her butt let loose and go poop. lisa is now sweating through her shirt looking very uncomfortable in her seat. She smile a fake smile to the bus driver and says as little as she can to him. Grinning and looking all nervous, she sit still in her seat holding her stomach staring into space. She realizes that her so call perfect butt is going poop and it going to be diarrhea. She wonder if the coffee she had this morning from school would give her diarrhea. A few minutes went by and she concluded that her perfect butt is going to have to poop and its going to be not just diarrhea but explosive diarrhea in her tight pants. One of her students in the front seat says hi to her. She did not respond to the girl from fear of losing it in her pants. She would not even dare to cough or talk to anyone from fear of completely pooping her pants. The bus got off the highway exit and is getting close to the museum. Lisa know that the bus is about to reach it destination. But her face show no sign of hope, she know herself best and realistically she know she would not be able make it to the bathroom when she arrive at the museum. she estimate that it would be about 8 more minutes before the bus reach the museum and her tight pants and thong is going to get bomb with diarrhea in 5 seconds. Her breathing got heavy and she got a desperate look on her face as her butt erupted with hot mushy poop filling her butt crack. She paused, her jar drop as she farted against her will and begin to really pooping her tight pants. Her tong is a mess and her tight dress pants is smear from the inside with diarrhea. She stood up to reposition herself due to her devastating occurrence, with her hand on her poop fill pants, she stand next to the bus driver asking him how much longer until the museum. before the driver she let out a low moan and completely diarrhea her tight dress pants full force. Her big butt make suishy sounds that overlap one another as her booty erupted with violently diarrhea warming her tight pant. Her students stare with curiousity as they know what has happen to their teacher. Lisa is now is warm poopy pants, her face is sweaty with a surrender look on it. She has been trying to hold back her need to really defecate for thirty five minutes and her so call perfect butt has finally exploded with mushy diarrhea warming the seat of her tight pant. The driver asked if she was ok. All she said to him was please help me, as she continued to empty her bowel into her tight butt pants. A lot of the poop slide slowly down the back of her legs. she has to used her hands to hold it together. Her diarrhea was so bad and she pooped so much in her pants her round butt became like a water fall pumping out brown hot poo into her tight pants. She then realize that her students are all staring at her messy bottom and turn to face them. Then she realize that she don’t want the driver to see her big butt in tight pants accident neither, so she decided to stand in between her seat and let the laxative from last night do what it promise, make her continued to poop in her pants. Lisa stood in between her seat with her front facing the drive and her back facing the bus window. She’d continued to diarrhea her pants violently as the bus reach it destination. Her booty would make loud squishy sounds as she’d loose her bowel. She would grinned and moan softly as she farted SPURT…spurt..spurt .. Badly pooping her tight. Some of the diarrhea drips down her legs and into her shoe. She was in really hot pants. She was given a pair of tight jean to change into ,but her butt don’t even fit the jean and she has to squeeze into it making it look as if her butt was munching on the jean. She got drop off at the school and sit on the toilet in her house for the whole days. She called her mother in laws and chat about her accident. She never did find out about the laxative cake that gave her the run in her tight pants.

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Dude did a ******* 4 year old child right this because your grammar/spelling sucks ***

why would veronica eat the cake knowing whats in it??

Don't question it it turns me on so just pretend its real

Well mam,for what it's worth,i see where you are coming from on this tight pants thing because i ended up doing something stupid,as in really stupid involving a tall glass go berry -flavoured metamucel and a couple of anal wax cones stuffed up my butt.Hey,this sounds like grounds for a panty pooping story because i truly regretted
soon after doing it.I had just cooked a meal the previous night before realizing i
hadn't pooped in two days ,even tho i knew my butt was over-loaded with poopie
and then took the stuff to help me push out my load of poop and the worst of it
was i was wearing tight scarlet jeans on my legs and butt that i had bought from the local town thrift store.ANYWAY,I am sitting in the Toyota after finishing my days errands when the thing i hate the most happens in my tomato red jeans and even
worse, it happens at a traffic jam-up where some stupidly foolish git is going much too fast and he bashes into another foolishly stupid git at an intersection.
During the time the two stupid gits get in the car bash-up,thick poop gushes out of my butt and into my tomato red jeans when i realize what stupidly moronic git i am for taking metamucel before going on a shopping trip to the big city because only a
stupid git who doesn't mind pooping his pants in the blasted Toyota would do something that stupid

so good ive got another idea have 2 teachers 1 is a **** who cheats on another teachers husband and then the teacher puts laxatives into the slutie teachers coffie and she gets locked into her office she goes diarriah in her pants in office