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After quit a bit of therapy and many hours arguing with myself about his, I am convinced that I will be better off letting go. I want to that is not the issue. It is if I can or not. How do you really let go of the pain others have caused you. Be it physical, mental, emotional or verbal. There are  so many forms of abuse that it is hard to say which is worse(well ys sexual) but, any form is wrong. I wish days would go by and I would not think of the last hateful thing he said or did/often enough to chose. This person that person, her/him they, all of it I want to scream running down the street"this is not my life" but, I know it is and I have to accept it. But, I want to learn to let go so I don't hurt myself furter. Is that at all possible? i wonder if I could run away and never to be found again!! now that would be one way of letting go..just get a new identity. Has anyone done that or wanted to besides me?

tmmarion tmmarion 41-45, F 4 Responses May 11, 2009

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***update to this story~~it has been a hot minute since writing this and I thought I should inform you of changes. My fears about changing were right, NO-ONE likes the new me. I no longer allow people to use me as their door mat. I refuse to allow people to speak to me without respect and I do not speak to anyone without respect. (well my youngest gives me a test daily..I lose it now and will try the best of patience. I do think that the new me is better and more resilient. And I feared most of the ones I thought would leave did leave and maybe it was for the better. I know it is a wonderful place to live without all the drama. I am getting closer to the day that I will gladly run through the streets screaming "this is my life" just not quit yet. I still have some interior clean out to do. At any rate things are better. If anyone really cares.

I am going to make my life better one way or another and there is no doubt there, I just wonder, how many are going to be there for me once I make this manditory change for myself? I appreciate the kind words though..:-)

somtimes it is hard to let go but it takes hard work to just really let go.I know went throught many years of anger and hurt inside me. It would bring me down all the time but then one day i just tried to turn it around. I really tried to look at the good. I think it is the little things that you appreciate that seem to work and make you happier. To be able to wake up in the morning and know that no matter what things will somehow be ok because you can make it that way.

Ah hun, Yes of course it is possible. For several years during my childhood I was put through hell, and it has taken me many, many years to let go, I am now 34.

You can be brave, you can be strong, and you are already starting that process.

You are in control of your life, you are in control of your emotions, and by taking small steps towards the positive side you will start healing yourself.

Whatever people have done to you is a reflection on them, not on you.

Be strong and free of the pain, your life is worth more than the time you have had to suffer.

Be successful in all you do, whether it be changing the world or simply getting out of bed and trying to feel good, be better than all those idiots who have caused you pain.

Explore your world, explore your interests, don't be scared. Find a reason to go running down the street screaming "YES, THIS IS MY WONDERFUL LIFE!"

Anyone can do it, YOU can do it.

Life is what you make it.