The Past..

In life we always try to do our best...I always want to do something new in my life , be more free ,be happier and then when I stay alone all these bad memories just return back and remind me.Remind me that i used to be weak, how much I was crying and people i hated.I know I must move on, but in order to do that I feel like I have to be far, I have to go away, I need to do that.I get so angry and sometimes even cry cause I don't want to leave the past ruin my future and so far it has just made me insecure.Right now I'm just pretending even to myself that i'm all right.But I can't pretend anymore for the others I need to believe it for myself.I don't like the fact that I want to escape but I want to return one day strong.
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3 Responses Dec 27, 2011

you need to forgive those who have hurt you in the order to let the past go..past pain, past hurt, needs to healing comes to your heart until you forgive those who have done you wrong..(the only way of not letting the past interfere with your future is to let go of the past and for you to be able to let go of the past you need to truly forgive those who have hurt you before)..that's just the only way.

It's hard for me to escape the past, because the same problems I had then still continue to repeat themselves.

find a passion and a dream and stick to it, become obsessed with fulfilling it as though its a battle and you will become stronger through it. I felt this way when i was stuck working at a supermarket with no hope for the future but got so sick of it that i went to college and tried the best i could to succeed and now im at university - but things still arent perfect. You need to envisage a point of success where you know youll be able to look back and be proud of how much youve grown, get a dream and dont look back.