Letting Go

We all have things we want to forget about......but in fact we cant actually just forget them.....things that we do and experience and things that happen to us are stored in our mind and are always going to be there.... they are what make us who we are......life is about experience and choices....we may have bad experiences and sometimes make the wrong choices.....the only way to move on from these is to accept them as part of life....then draw a line under them and "let go" of them....

So to "forget" is actualy being able to accept and "let go"

I hope one day to be able to "let go" of the things that trouble ME...

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letting go means forgiving your self about what you just cant change<br />
forgiving your self means giving up on what you cant change . do your best to heal <br />
slowly and one day at a time . its taken me 10 years to heal on stuff in my pass childhood and abusive relationship . some times i tend to hold on to the pain becalse ive learned that it hurts <br />
to heal and when you go on your path to healing there will be pain and it will get better . sometimes you have to say i just cant change things worry and still keeping the pain of the passed some times <br />
you have to let it go . it will get better and easer as you go . my life have to let go of my pain and forgiven myself and its not easy but its getting so much better . life will get better .

Letting go of the things that trouble us is not an easy thing to do for anyone, but like i have said it really does seem to be the only way to move forward.....we have to try to accept what life throws at us be it good or bad, we are not able to wipe away those things we do not wish to remember, they will always be there waiting to take us over when we feel vulnerable....... i dont really know the ideal solution about letting go of those things, but i guess for me i just came to realise that dwelling on them wouldnt be of any use to me as i cant change them.....so i started looking at those things in a different way....ie, I CANT CHANGE THEM, SO I HAVE TO ACCEPT THEM, AND LET GO OF THEM.....dwelling on them only brings me down, so i figured i needed to focus more on the good things that i have and stop punishing myself over things i can NOT change, after all we DO have a choice, we can choose to let those things ruin us, or we can choose to fight back and not allow that to happen....<br />
<br />
elRana whatever it is that troubles you will always be a part of you, BUT only you have the power to choose how to deal with it.....dwell on it and become more unhappy, or accept it and let go of it......look forward and see a happier YOU, and dont let the things you cant change stop you from being happy!!! <br />
I truly wish you all the best x

Letting go is something I have real trouble with. I know for a fact I'd be a more happy and contented person if I could let go of past negative experiences, but how is it done?? I survived awful trauma by effectively "forgetting" it and managed to live a happy life for many years, until 1 incident brought it all back and I've not recovered since....

Yes i agree its deffinately easier said than done, but i do believe it to be very true.....we cannot wipe our minds of the things we do not like.... our minds are not computers......there for, our ONLY choice is to accept and "let go"......<br />
lets hope one day we both manage to "let go"

Tipsy.....I love this advice. Its easier said than done though! But.....I hope to one day do the same! Thanks for that story! Makes me think!