Its Only U

i want to forget...wat i know i wntto forget who u re who i m where are u n where i m .i want to forget the boundries i set for myself..i want to ...for de first time in my life....i want to......i want u as noone has ever loved u ....i want to say things i have never said....i want to....i just want to forget  ....i m not meant for u ..its only u .here wid me n in my heart.....i want to tel u .i want to steal u .n to hide u smwhere in my heart.i want to poseese u ..n never let u go....i want u to know wat i m going through.....i want u to c tears in my eyes n wounds in my ....u cant hear me..u cant c me.but i lov u ..its so...painful..y cant i be like...i used to be..when i didnt know u .when i never cared wether u live or not.....i want to forget i ever looked at ur face n saw u smiling....i want to forget u taught me to love i want to forget..who u beautful u special u are....everythging

saarah79 saarah79
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

its not possibloe for forget